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Salient.The Newspaper of Victoria University College. Vol. 19, No. 4. April 6, 1955

Smear Tactics

Smear Tactics

C.B., then states that there is some evidence that many of the opponents of IUS dislike the kind of political action in which IUS engages and goes on to imply that this is because these people dislike such notions as democratic education. These people, he says, "have led the split away from IUS." Again this is grossly untrue but is another example of the smear tactics used by the protagonists of IUS to belittle those who disagree with them. The people who led the split away and were later joined by a host of others, have this to say about national Independence and democratic education:

(the conference) . . . "recognises that education in many countries and in particular in colonial areas is often inappropriate and educational opportunities are inadequate or unequal, and that national Independence Is of primary importance in the intellectual, cultural, social and, often, in the economic life of these areas, and therefore recommends that national unions of students lend moral support to the wishes of students in those colonial areas lighting for national Independence to move as rapidly as possible toward the goal of that independence, which is the prerequisite of full educational opportunity."

In addition to the "moral support." the national student unions who cooperate with COSEC, particularly in the United Kingdom and Scandinavia have done much In the way of promoting scholarships and providing relief to assist in the education of people in these areas much more than students in this favoured country can be persuaded to do.