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Salient.The Newspaper of Victoria University College. Vol. 19, No. 4. April 6, 1955

In the Gymnasium. . . — Ballroom Dancing Lessons — Pleasant and Necessary

In the Gymnasium. . .

Ballroom Dancing Lessons

Pleasant and Necessary

Some of the activities conducted by the Physical Education Department of the College are intended primarily as a preparation or training for particular sports. There are many groups however that form to participate in activities for their recreational value alone. In the easy informal atmosphere of the Dance Classes, there is opportunity for the sharing of pleasures and the widening of one's circle of friends. Added to this is the enjoyment of self-expression to be found in translating music into rhythmical movement.

There are many people within the college who wish to dance but lack the confidence necessary to do so on the several social occasions when the opportunity has been present. Last year it was possible to arrange tuition for approximately twenty-five students. This year one hundred and fifty students have expressed a desire to attend ballroom dancing classes, but very few have done anything towards the establishment of a group in which their wishes can be met.

Obvious Need

Unless students who, are anxious to learn attend at the gymnasium on Tuesdays at noon, or alternatively notify me of other times more convenient. I can do little to satisfy the obvious need for instruction.

Some students prefer the programme of the country dance group to that of ballroom dancing, and it was encouraging this year to receive fifty names of people who wish to attend this class. I have decided to place emphasis on Scottish country dances as these proved to be the most popular with former groups. These lunch-hour classes are lively and exhilarating, and for those who measure value in terms of muscular development or physical fitness they should have an added attraction. Again I appeal to those students who wish, to attend these classes to inform me if the times chosen are not convenient.

Read Notices

From this column I have been able to tell you of the provisions made for your recreation. There is more to follow. But before too many weeks have passed, read the notice-boards and establish for yourself a place in the life of the college. There are many clubs and societies; in some of them you should be able to contribute much that is worth-while.

What you receive in return depends on what you are able and prepared to give.

W. H. Landreth.

Physical Education Officer.