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Salient.The Newspaper of Victoria University College. Vol. 19, No. 4. April 6, 1955

Extrav. 1955 . . . — Begins to Take Shape — Bill She at Producer

Extrav. 1955 . . .

Begins to Take Shape

Bill She at Producer

All the hard work, frustration and enjoyment involved in staging Eitrav. 55 in the Opera House in May, started last week when the casting meeting was held, musical directors appointed and script chosen by the selection committee.

This meeting was well attended.—about 100 came along—but not as well as last year. Many more are needed in all sections of the show. The meeting lacked a little purpose (there was no script), but Bill Sheat (producer) explained what everything was about. "If your mother won't let you do it for Heaven's sake tell us," he pleaded (referring to those dancing in the girl's chorus).

Those who had been in last year's production occupied themselves with fond reminiscences and fervent avowals that nothing could be as good as last year's show.

Best Script

Two scripts were submitted this year, one by David Vere-Jons. Tony Ferrers, Derek Homewood et al.; the other by Jim Hutchison (gentleman, patron of the arts) and Gavin Loe. Verr-Jones et al deal with problems of social credit, juvenile delinquency and Mazengarb; Hutchison et al deal with an attempt to sell N.Z's oil rights to a Greek millionaire. Jim and Gavin participated in the writing of last year's extrav. and theirs is the one chosen this year.

Presumably in the fashion of all extrav writers of recent vintage, they now have to write the rest of it.

Opera House Booking

On latest information it seems as if we will be able to get into the Opera Mouse at approximately the time desired (see "Caf Chaff"


The show will start the Saturday night after Capping Ball on the Friday and will finish on the following Thursday. This Is a lot better than It could be, (It Is difficult to see how.



Concerning the all-important matter of appointments: Bill Sheat last year producer of the successful "The Pirates of Finance." is again in command, and is looking forward to repeating the success. He will be assisted by Ian Rich (rehearsals manager)—the most notable drunk ever to grace the floor of the Opera House (Sir Carol Reed said "truly astounding"). Stage manager is again Huddy Williamson who will be assisted by Laurie Crighton and Bryce Evans. Wardrobe mistress is Elizabeth Parr (ex-OU) and ballet mistress has yet to be appointed as we go to press.

Everyone, concerned Is confident that a great show will be turned on in the Extrav. tradition. If you want to be in, hurry along.