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Salient. The Newspaper of Victoria University College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 19, No. 3. March 24, 1955

NZUSA—NUAUS . . . — Travel-Exchange Scheme

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Travel-Exchange Scheme

Victoria University College has been allocated twelve seats on an air charter scheme sponsored jointly by NZUSA and NUAUS. Announcing this last week, the NZUSA Travel and Exchange Officer, Mr. P. S. Standard, stated that Thos. Cook and Sons, Ltd., Travel Agents, have been appointed official NZUSA travel agents. The firm will be responsible for chartering an aircraft to take students to Australia in December and bring them home in January. No appreciable increase on last year's estimate of approximately £NZ33-34 for the return fare was anticipated this year.

Briefly the details of the scheme are as follows:—

Air Charter: On the return flights the aircraft will carry a similar number of Australian students. No dates have been fixed for departures as this will have to coincide with the moat suitable dates for both our own students and the Australians. NZUSA will charge a registration fee of £1 with each application; applications will close with NZUSA on June 30 or an earlier date to be notified.

On closing date, NZUSA will supply Thos. Cooks with the names and addresses of all applicants. Cooks will contact applicants through their local offices and arrange for the collection of fares, documentation and issue of tickets. From discussion with Cooks, it appears that fares would have to be paid approximately two months before departure but this is not final.

Twelve Seats

To ensure the success of this year's charter. NZUSA has decided to allocate each college a particular number of seats. The quotas are 12 seats for each of the major colleges, four for Mac, and one for Lincoln. In the event of any college receiving applications in excess of the quota these will be recorded in chronological order and preference will be given to these applicants should a quota applicant withdraw from the charter.

Cooks will endeavour to make suitable travel arrangements for any applicant unplaced on the chartered aircraft. If numbers on both sides of the Tasman are sufficient, they will endeavour to charter a second aircraft.

Thos. Cook and Son have a reputation for being extremely efficient at this type of work and their attitude so far has been a most helpful and co-operative one. Apart from the initial contract, they will collect all fares and issue tickets; issue the necessary tax and customs clearance application, publicity and luggage tags; handle insurance for travellers, issue travellers' cheques and incidentals; if desired make bookings for internal travel to place of departure; and arrange travel in Australia if desired.

NZUSA reserves the right to nominate point of departure and in all matters has the final say.

No contract has yet been signed with Cooks, all plans are subject to their obtaining a charter from Teal. If Teal cannot supply an aircraft they will endeavour to secure a charter in Australia from Quantas. Such a charter would require the authority of the New Zealand Government. If no charter were obtained, parties travelling in groups of 100 or more receive a 10 per cent discount (there is another 10 per cent discount on fares in operation for tourist flights).

Sea Travel: Similar arrangements regarding sea travel have been made. NZUSA will issue application forms and notify Cooks of applicants and their requested sailing dates.

Application forms should be available shortly after Easter at the latest: VUC students wishing to take advantage of this very cheap and speedy exchange, whether for a working holiday or merely to see Australia, should contact the local Travel and Exchange Officer, Miss Beverley Watkins, c/- the executive room.