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Salient. The Newspaper of Victoria University College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 19, No. 3. March 24, 1955

Caf Chaff

Caf Chaff

Caf Chaff Cartoon

Text for the Week

"I cannot. I will Not, recant."

* * *

Thought for Today

"Don't go down to the woostones, little girl: Big Brother in watching you."

* * *

Last Saturday week for the benefit of all drinking acquaintances etc., Perry Stephenson. Colin Mitchell. Rod Grubi. Ross Jansen and Norm Harris set the house warming season away to a good start at 34 MacFarlane Street. About 70-80 people drank, ate. drank, danced, drank, made love and drank again throughout a most enjoyable evening. Seen through the fumes were Jim Hutchison and John McLean (both making progress). Barry Boon and Rosemary Lovegrove (following their inclinations); Ted Schroder and Dennis Brown with a mutual "old school friend": Ian Rich. John Marchant some of the neighbours and others. The party was so hot that one nice young lady had to walk home in her stockings.

Anybody else want their house warmed?

Overheard a nice young innocent freshette at the Fresher's Welcome ceremony: "Isn't it simply Marvellous the way these people on the executive attend our dances and mix with us Young kids?!"

We understand that Professor Beaglehole is lecturing in Psychology to Stage 1 students. Thus does the university carry on its task of passing on knowledge.

* * *

We understand that Garth Young, lately maestro at several University social functions and a prominent and hard-working leader of Extrav. orchestra over the years, [unclear: is] to be married shortly.

* * *

Overheard at Freshers Ball: "Will you come over to Weir with me?"—"Oh goodness No."

Professor Belshaw has apparently been to Samoa: it has left a favourable impression on him and his classes.

* * *

Question of the Month

What is wuzz?