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Salient. The Newspaper of Victoria University College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 19, No. 3. March 24, 1955

Why Do Student Clubs Lack Support?

Why Do Student Clubs Lack Support?

Frequently officials of student clubs inform me of their difficulties in gaining support for their programmes and in sustaining the initial interest of new members. Many reasons have been suggested as an explanation of this disappointing aspect of college life.

I believe to be of major importance the lack of confidence of many students in their own ability, the lack of preparation in fundamental physical skills relevant to the recreational interests, and the delay that results before they experience any satisfying sense of achievement.

As a general rule recreate activities provide enjoyment for participants according to the degree of skill they possess. At least enjoyment is increased as the more elementary skills arc acquired and the satisfaction of skilful performance is experienced.

The Physical Education Department of the college makes every effort to encourage the development of confidence and skill in those students who wish to participate more fully in extra-curricular activities.

The condition of the Gymnasium limits the variety of activities which can be provided, and the many purposes which it has to serve limit the time in which classes may be held. There still remains, however, a wide choice of recreational activity, and for the many students who are unaware of the opportunities offering in their own college the following list of classes may kindle a spark of Interest.

"Keep fit" classes are popular with students who want one or two hours a week of vigorous, enjoyable physical activity. Exercises and games, graded to suit the members of the class, do not require any advanced skills. As a preparation for many sports which demand a high degree of physical fitness, or simply as a pleasant way of getting exercise essential to good health, these "Keep fit" classes are worth including in the activities of the week.

Gymnastics provide a challenging form of recreation suited to those students (men or women) interested in the development of co-ordinated movement, suppleness and strength of body. Tumbling, vaulting and apparatus work make up the programme of the gymnastic class, and beginners and advanced gymnasts alike receive careful tuition.

In this column in later issues of Salient I will describe alternative forms of recreation that are organised for the benefit of all students. Large numbers of students have signified their intention of attending classes organised by this department.

These classes have started: their success depends on regular attendance.—W. H. Landreth.