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Salient. The Newspaper of Victoria University College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 19, No. 3. March 24, 1955

Exec Moves to Improve Common Rooms

Exec Moves to Improve Common Rooms

Increased locker space and hot water are two of the facilities named in a plan of proposed additions and changes to the women's common room and cloakroom forwarded to the Registrar (Mr. L. O. Desborough) by the Executive. At their meeting on March 10 the Executive drew up the following list "in respect of fixtures, surroundings and fittings."

1.Shifting of lockers to the Cafeteria wall of the common room.
2.The utilisation of the space made available in the cloakroom by the addition of hangers and mirrors.
3.Number of lockers to be increased to the full capacity of the Cafeteria wall.
4.That a source of hot water be installed.
5.That the cloakroom and common room be painted.

The Registrar has also been advised that in addition there will be a necessity for adequately furnishing the Women's common room and cloakroom and that the Student's Association will communicate with him further in this matter.

The Executive also decided to investigate the possibility of providing the men's common room with new chairs. Tubular steel seating and leather chairs similar to those at present in Weir House have been suggested as suitable.

* * *

The women's common room Controller (Miss [unclear: Rosemary] Burton) was asked to write to the Registrar drawing his attention to the inadequacy of basic facilities such as plumbing and lighting.

Owing to space limitations some items have been omitted from this issue, and will appear later. Among these are: M.J. O'Brien on IUS: faculty evenings; E.U. banquet: Anglican Society, and SCM meetings: CSG Academic Mass and AGM; Debating Club AGM; John Dowick reviews "Escapade".

Next issue of Salient is scheduled lot Tuesday April 5. Another issue will appear a fortnight later containing full cover age of Easter Tournament. Deadlines for copy precede publication dates by 7 days in each case.