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Salient. The Newspaper of Victoria University College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 19, No. 3. March 24, 1955

This Week: The Proclamation Of Mr. G—

This Week: The Proclamation Of Mr. G

On June 29, 1936, a hushed group of Housemen stood clustered around the common room notice board studying a proclamation announcing the unveiling of the new Maid's quarters. Speakers named in this document include:—

"Dr. Iwan Superman, intermediate B.C. Prizeman. B.Z. (Failed).

S. Icclebumme, Esq. B.O. (Borst).

Prof. Ardomson, D.C.L. Edin. Meretricious Professor of International Conjugal Relation. Reno.

The opening ceremony was to be performed by—

The Rt. Hon. Issachar fine Lever, Viscount de Creppitt."

It so happened that during, an early morning inspection, a practice now mercifully discontinued, the Warden, Dr. S——. noticed this document and paid the authors the compliment of removing it. With what was described in a subsequent House Manifesto as "a total lack of humour" he immediately took the name of the leading member of the syndicate who had drafted the "proclamation," and reported the matter to the management committee.

Upon being asked to apologise by the Management Committee, the resident in question, Mr. G.——. did so twice (the first apology was turned down by the Warden) and then was told to leave the House. The House Association, considering that one of its members had been unjustly treated held several protest meetings and sent letters to each of the members of the management committee. This soon drew a reply from the Warden stating:—

"In view of its recent action, I can no longer regard the Weir House Assn. as a responsible body, and I hereby withdraw all official recognition of it ... "

The last word in the affair seems to be contained in a motion discovered in the Assn. Minutes Book—October 18. 1936:

"That the Warden be recognised."—carried unanimously.