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Salient. The Newspaper of Victoria University College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 19, No. 3. March 24, 1955

Is God Mad?

Is God Mad?

An Impious question?—No, not at all. It Is Far Worse Than That! The question is absurd—unutterably absurd.

Yet, Just so abaurdly, so insanely, do men denounce their Creator; every time they ignore Him. every time they Judge Him, every time they tie Him up into a neat little box and say "But He couldn't . . ."

Can God work miracles?—The question is again absurd, for a negative reply would Judge God powerless against the natural and the created.

Has God worked miracles—The ministry of Christ furnishes the obvious answer. Not only did Christ perform the abnormal and the Inexplicable, but also that which was Impossible in the order of nature. Not only did His acts involve the suspension of natural taws, but also the creation of new ones. His complete masters over the very constitution of matter (i.e., the transubstantiation of water into wine, the multiplication of loaves and fishes), over the Devil (e.g., the exorcism of the swineherd), and over death itself (e.g., in raising of Laxarus and in His Own resurrection) manifests such a transcendance over the power, not only of man, but of any elected being, that we must conclude that His were the works of no misleading demon, but must have proceeded from the power of God himself. And so obviously was Christ supported by the divinity He invoked that we must also conclude that whatever else he was, Christ was not a fraud.

"Whatever else he was . . ." What, then, was He? He must have been what He said He was, for He could not be a fraud. Chbist Said He Was God. Christ is God, or God is mad. There is no alternative. "Truth Himself speaks truly or there's nothing true."

If we accept Christ's claim to be Cod, we commit ourselves. Christ is the stumbling block: If we accept this claim (and what else can we do) sincerity demands the acceptance of His every other claim.

Christ claimed the obedience of all men. He established a Church. Christ promised to protect that Church. He commanded alt men to [unclear: accept], his Church. If She Re A Misleading Usurper She Would Require A Power Greater Than That Of God Himself To So [unclear: Presete]. Like Christ, the Catholic Church is the stumbling block. We must either accept of reject. She is either the foul tool of iniquity, or the dipenser of the graces of Cod. He is either the greatest hoax in history or the indispensable means of salvation.

Whatever stand we take, honesty demands a thorough and a prayerful examination of this imposing, this Insistent and this entirely unique Claimant.

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