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Salient. The Newspaper of Victoria University College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 19, No. 3. March 24, 1955

Socialist Club Await . . . — "Pie In the Sky" — Concern Over Facilities

page 4

Socialist Club Await . . .

"Pie In the Sky"

Concern Over Facilities

Does your club need a room? Most of us would say yes. For years clubs at VUC have been forced to put up with makeshift homes; as a result, college activities have stagnated. Too often records, finance files, libraries and sports equipment have moulded away under a secretary's bed or in some dusty cupboard. Committees have almost ceased to function for lack of suitable places to meet.

All clubs have a social aspect—they provide opportunity for students to get together, discuss and plan around their particular interests. Very few societies have a spot of college ground to call their own, too often their meeting places are over the bar at Barrets or the St. George—which naturally excludes their female members.

The ski club has a tiny hole in the lower gym. Salient labours in a draughty den in the upper gym and the SCM and photographic societies for a short time made use of army huts on the grounds. Odd lockers and cupboards have been found—the tramping club stores its gear next to the mens conveniences—but no answer to our problem.

Stamps Removed

The mall position is disgraceful. Mall is loft in the Exec. and common room letter racks but parcels, circulars, notices, letters continue to reach the clubs by guess or by God, dirty, tattered and with foreign stamps missing.

Soc. Club Hut

Last year the Socialist club approached the College council on the question of the erection of a hut for the use of the club. It was pointed out that no room in the college was available for their use and that the students were prepared to build a hut at their own expense in order to overcome this. All that was required was permission to use a site in the college grounds. The club pointed out that there were several small areas serving no purpose other than to encourage weeds, sites which in no way interferred with the planned extension to the university.

This application was made on May 3. On August 26 the club was advised by the assistant Registrar:—

"The council does not approve of your request, but asks me to assure your club that it may take advantage of the facilities normally offered to college clubs under which clubs may meet at suitable times in class rooms".

A copy of the rules and regulations in this connection followed:—


1.No room may be used unless per mission has been obtained. Request for the use of a room should be entered in the Room Book kept in the Caretakers Office and the book taken to Doctor Culliford for his signature.
2.No smoking is allowed in class rooms or corridors.
3.Meetings are to end at 9.25 p.m. unless permission for extension of time has been given. In this case a member of the staff, whose name must be entered in the Room Book must present and accept responsibility for seeing lights out and the buildings properly locked.

Protest Made

The club felt that the matter should not end here and a protest was forwarded to the council, appealing against their decision. It was pointed out that the erection of the hut was not for the purpose of holding large meetings, because the lecture rooms were more suitable for this, but that "We intend to use the proposed hut to store club records, keep a library and hold committee meetings. We find it imperative that the club should have some permanent place in which to store its papers and books, and we have been inconvenienced during the year by the lack of a committee room.

Temporary Hut

"We suggest that the hut would only be temporary, because, with the completion of the chemistry block, the accommodation problem in the college should case, and a room may become available for the club. In any case the club will undertake that any building it erects will be well finished."

The request was refused on the most flimsy pretext:—

"My council looks forward to the time when the Student Union Building will be erected in the College grounds and suitable facilities available for the encouragement of college clubs and societies."

Ostrich-Like Attitude?

Some carpentry and permission to use small and otherwise useless patches of college ground would provide many clubs with a home. The college council considers that such temporary buildings are unsightly and should not be permitted on the grounds. How long will the ostrich bury its head in the sand! For years such temporary buildings have been a permanent feature of Victoria University College.