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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 18, No. 12. September 6, 1954

To The Editor

To The Editor

The Editor,


Dear Sir,—One thing about the University which causes me great concern is the apparent lack' of respect of anyone about the college for the public property of the students.

Three matters particularly need some prompt attention. First, the Men's Common Room. Every evening at about 6 o'clock when I have a few minutes between lectures I drop into the Common Room only to find the place absolutely littered with bits of newspapers torn up and no longer useful for anything, At the A.G.M. mention was made that the Women's Common Room was provided with a paper every day. If this newspaper meets with the same fate then there is little use in wasting money over it, A reading desk is provided in the Men's Common, Would it not be possible to have an iron rod placed on it and the paper firmly kept in place there?

Secondly the piano in the Gym. This piano has quite a good tone but has received terrible treatment. Not only has the bottom panel been destroyed but both sides have been broken and the loud pedal has disappeard altogether. Also some of the wires have been broken. [unclear: Normal] Jazz playing could never cause this.

And finally the Little Theatre celling. It is quite obvious that various stage crews are somewhat careless when erecting their spotlights, and the gibralter board ceiling has suffered in consequence. I am sure that those who use the Little Theatre realise that it is one of the modern rooms in the College and it would be a great pity if irresponsible persons are allowed to cause damage without making amends.

It is time that a little pride was shown for our possessions and that we exercise some public spirit in this matter.

I am, etc.,

"Pro Bono Publico."