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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 18, No. 12. September 6, 1954

Tournament Page

page 8

Tournament Page

At Long Last

Victoria Is Victorious

At Long Last we have done it V.U.C. have won a Winter Tournament Now that the victorious [unclear: jubation] has subsided and the vanquished students from our sister colleges have departed we will appraise the situation with a slightly jaundiced pond-scum green eye.

The Tournament went off very smoothly due mainly to the efficient organisation of the Tournament Controller and the administration and sports controllers. Wellington welcomed the visiting teams with a southerly blister and Councillor Kitts. However the Weather Office relented and gave us some Hawke's Bay weather for the rest of the Tournament. As this happens but once in a blue moon, conditions were thus right for Victoria to win the Tournament.

The most merited win at Tournament was that of the Indoor Basketball teams. The girls, particularly, played better than they have for a considerable time. With the resolute captaincy of Hazel Blick, they went through the Tournament undefeated. In their first game, the girls were intent on keeping C.U.C.'s score within a reasonable margin. To their surprise they found that they were up 24.14 with the last spell to go. They tightened up the game and managed to hold C.U.C. out by 24-22. As this was their hardest game they proceeds to make light work of the other teams and so won us 8 Shield points.

Not to be outdone the Men's Indoor Basketball team also went through undefeated. Their very attractive style of play en-sum! a good gallery whenever they were on the court. They were never seriously troubled, and even against the much favoured O.U. side they were never at any stage behind in points. Ralph Salt, one of the three N.Z.U. Blues, played magnificently especially in the O.U. game where he scored half of Vic's points. This was the best in the Tournament and both teams were urged on by a large crowd of supporters. Victoria deserved their win; their "laying up" against O.I. was outstanding and the coverage and interception of the guards kept V.U.C ahead all the time.


Our harrier team carried all before them, winning every trophy within their reach. Dick Gilberd won the individual event, picking up a well deserved N.Z.U. Blue in the process. Graome Stevens was close up in second place. The team won the team's race and the North Island Trophy, clinching another first place for V.U.C The dinner held at the Centennial Inn must have been a real slap-up, if the condition of many well-known harrier enthusiasts later in the evening is any criterion.


Out on the rain-drenched, windswept Hutt golf course. Victoria gained another first place. Because of the notorious conditions, play did not reach a high standard and many of the low-handicap players failed to handle the conditions as well as some of the less favoured opponents. Peter Carver carried off the singles title and finished top of the qualifying rounds, enabling V.U.C. to win by one point.

In the table-tennis, Victoria completely out-classed the field. Except for the men's doubles the finals were all V.U.C. affairs and every title went to V.U.C. Alan Robinson played some of his best defensive table-tennis in winning both the men's singles and the men's doubles with Tony Darroch. Viv. Fleming won three titles—the women's singles, the mixed doubles with Tony Darroch. and the women's doubles with Eliz. lesser. The standard of play was probably the highest ever, but even so the N.Z.U. team including Alan and Tony lost to the top Wellington representative side without winning a set.

The fencing Shield came to Victoria largely through the efforts of the women, of whom to Pyne was the most outstanding. Ian Free fenced well but it was the fine fencing of the girls which gave us the Shield.

In the unofficial Badminton Tournament. Victoria won fairly comfortably. Jim Thomson was out on his own and his game with Abdullah of O.U. was the highlight of this section of the Tournament.


The soccer team had a bad lapse against A.U.C. and thus lost their chance of winning the Shield. Bad shooting towards the end of the first spell lost us valuable points. Bill Aldridge did a tremendous amount of running around but the halves were letting their men through and the forward line, especially the left wing, were letting openings go, solely through lack of speed and initiative, A.U.C. won the Soccer section and on their showing against V.U.C. they well deserved the win.

The Small-bore riflers did fairly well in picking up third place. Brian Bradburn and Bryden Williamson shot well enough to gain N.Z.U. team. The men's hockey did not come up to expectations but the hockey dinner will be remembered for many Tournaments. The girls failed miserably; they were completely outclassed. Gatfield, Hambly and Calkin in the men's and Myrna Bertram in the women's team, made the N.Z.U. teams.

The Winter Show Building with its facilities for four sports, enabled Tournament to function smoothly and enabled sportsmen to see other games—an innovation in Tournaments. This was especially noticeable in the Basketball which is probably the best spectator sport. Conditions at the Show were excellent but we hope facilities will Improve before next Tournament.

So there it is, We won . . We hope we won well. Many friendships have been made and a friendships have broken, but which ever way it wan, it was certainly an experience and one wo will recount from our bath-chairs.

Sports Editor.