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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 18, No. 11. August 12, 1954

Why Fear?

Why Fear?

The Editor.


Dear Sir.

The review by H. S. Commager, which was your front page article last issue, was a compentent account of the dangers of McCarthyism, but it was at least curious that an historian should ask how it happens that so many Americans are consumed with fear" at the present time Mr Commager should not set up as an historian if he does not understand that most people are crightend of nuclear weapons, and of the Soviet.

The fear of such liberals as Mr. Commager for civil freedom is admirable and his question. How can we safeguard our liberties, is one of the most important for any State

However, it is only half the relevant question. He should be asking. How can we safeguard our liberties while safeguarding the State." His bland ignoring of the fact that the nation itself is in danger from several source makes his plea for liberty less impressive than a more realistic approach would be

It is of course, extraordinarily diffcult to guarantee individual freedom in a time of crisis; and it is this problem which should preoccupy the scholar We should remember that an hysteria about the danger to individual liberty is at leant as dangerous as an hysteria about danger to the State

I am, etc.

P. M. Burns