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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 18, No. 11. August 12, 1954

Canta's Crew

page 6

Canta's Crew

Women's Basketball

Freda Rankin: N.Z.U representative year, and this year's Canterbury captain A member of the N.Z. senior B team, she has an attractive style and is very quick and and active.

Marjorie Mitchell: Third year m in Tournament team, she has played for both N.Z.U and Canterbury playing well again this year and should gain N.Z.U. honours once more,

Elaine Foote: Another old Tournament campaigner, formerly of Victoria. An N.Z.U. player last year and a Canterbury representative this season Very fast and a good worker.

Val Stanton: An immigrant from Auckland, where she played in 1952 Selected for the Canterbury trials and should do well at Tournament

Jan Beaumont: Second Winter Tournament, a keen and energetic player, she is developing into a good stylist and should make her presence felt in Wellington.

Gretehen Colombus: Third Winter Tournament This expended player works well on the court and has a very good tactical seense.

Myra Love: Playing in her second Winter Tournament, she is a very quick and active player with scoring ability.

Judie Joyes: The only newcomer to the team A very fast and energetic young player who is expected to do very well in Wellington.

Women's Hockey

Pam Keen: Goalie A Canterbury representative and an N.Z.U player last year A classy goalkeeper with plenty of grim determination and concentration.

Colleen O'Connor: "To be shine' the most experienced player in the team. Holds the defense together with cool practical play An N.Z.U. representative and a, Canterbury B player.

Elizabeth Perritt: A young player with good anticipation. Needs to improve her clearing hits.

Jane Morrison: A fast wing half whose stirk work has improved consistently this season.

Felieity Ower: Flick is centre half and captain. She is a steady player who leads the side well Has gained in experience lately and has played for Canterbury C this season.

Elizabeth Preston: Plays consistently good hockey and can be relied upon to keep C.U.'s right wing in check

[unclear: Bery] Vizer: The greyhound of the team leads the attack well on the wing A Canterbury and N.Z.U. representative.

Betty Brosnan: A player of experience with clever stick work. Will do better in Wellington if the grounds are dry and if she follows in.

Theresse Minchan: Would like to [unclear: see] some of her [unclear: trish] determination imparted to some of the other forwards.

Marion Booth: A last and attractive player who will improve with the experience she should gain in Wellington.

Barbara Flescher: A player of ability who should do well at Tournament A Canterbury B representative for the past two seasons

Diana Martin: A fast left wing who has played well in her first season in senior hockey, but must maintain her position.

Alison Wilson: A stalwart defensive player who has done much for the club and deserves her trip to Tournament.


W. Main: A capable goalkeeper and an ex-Wellington Tech player. His few appearances in the Senior grade have shown that he can deal with even the best of forwards.

K. Kerbers: Unfortunate m being injured for the latter part of the season, but is fit again now. A fullback with a good record this season.

J. Noble: A steady, forceful player of no mean ability. A fullback who has displayed good form consistently this season.

M. Dwyer: A dashing player who has played for two seasons at C.U.C Reliable and steadfast and should give a good defensive combination with the other players.

J. McFariane: A basketball representative of the college who has given us the benefit of his Soccer ability.

M. W. Pointer: A player who would prefer his Soccer in a different locality viz., a billiard table. This experience should prove invaluable for potting goals.

I. Smith: Playing in the senior team Although one of the younger players he is improving immensely as the season progresses

G. Coote: dames in the senior division have unproved Graham's play He is a very hard worker who combines well with the team and his fellow forwards.

P. F. Feenstra: An N.Z.U. and College Blue and a Canterbury representative. A very capable player who is both bright and brilliant on and off the field Appears to have the ball attached to his toe permanently.

S. Mohammed: The only international player in the team Represented Fiji against the touring N.Z. team a fast and reliable centre-forward Unlucky not to be picked gain for Canterbury this year, a provincial representative last year.

V. Kerdimillidis: An inside for ward who can tackle three or four opponents at the same tune and emerge victorious, a good virtue on the Soccer field Fast time at Tournament, should help the team immensely with his [unclear: vigotous] play

J. H. Bentley: A senior reserve player of latent talent, should benefit greatly by Tournament play Another of the younger players who should prove a good basis for future teams.

A. C. Walsh: A fast and elusive player both on the field and at practices A winger whose performances in senior play this season have compared with the best in the province Should prove valuable in Wellington.

D. H. Nunweek: A new player to the code at C.U.C. who can be relied upon to show good form at Wellington.


This year C.U.C has a fencing team which should, we think, come out very near the top at [unclear: Tonament] Team members are:
  • J. R. Matheson: [unclear: Chriatchrch] Swords Club foils champion 1952. Twice placed in provincial championships. C.U.C. Blue and Canterbury representative. Selected for final trials for the British Empire Games team and placed fifth in the foil.
  • N. M. West: Holder of both N.Z.U. and C.U.C Blues for fencing. Has represented both N.Z.U. and Canterbury Provincial foil champion 1952 C. U.C champion for a number of years Also selected for the final trials for the British Empire Games team.
  • D. Baughan: Captain of the Boys High School Fencing Club in 1953 and their club champion. Has done very well in provincials and against O.U. this year. Dave, a newcomer to N.Z.U. fencing, should do particularly well at Tournament.
  • C. M. Musgrave: Another new comer to N.Z.U fencing. Chris is a very strong fourth for the men's team. He is a particularly neat and orthodox fencer who will be hard to beat.
  • Dorothy Walker: Dorothy is a difficult left-hander who seems to demoralise her opponents The team has strong hopes for her at Tournament and she should acquit herself well
  • Penny Sage: Penny is a very neat and stylish fencer who should also do very well in the women's events.


G. E. Hassell: A good consistent shot representing C.U.C for the third time this year. He is our most premising aspirant for an N.Z.U Blue.

C. A. Martin: A newcomer to Winter Tournament, he Ms a very determined shot Should help to maintain a good team average.

I. R. Brown: Another newcomer to Tournament, he is quiet and unspectacular but he has been the most consistent shot in the senios team throughout the season.

R. W. Kingsley: A fresher this year who is showing good promise the result of previous experience at Blenheim it is thought that condition at Tournament may suit him

I. K. Falkner: At Tournament for the second time, and with a new [unclear: rifle] he sould not disgrace himself

The team this year is not [unclear: spectlar] but should maintain a consistent average e capable of winning the F.C.I. Shield.


This year the C.U.C. team will be on the whole much stronger than last year six. There are no out standing runners but it is a very even team and should be quite capible of giving the other sides a run for their money Only 95 seconds separated the first, and last members of the Tournament team in the club championships The team is as follows:
  • M. Browne: A newcomer to Canterbury and a former Scottish runner so he will be at home on the Paekak course Was first of the Tournament team home m the club championships.
  • D. Pringle: A well-known Tournament runner with several meritorious performances to his credit, is also a [unclear: Wellingtonian] and familiar with the Paekak course.

There is very little between the remaining four and any one of them could be next home—

D. Tucker: Has represented C.U.C in several Tournaments and has always finished in the first ten. A strong runner, but has found time for training rather hard to obtain.

L. Phillips: Just out of junior ranks and in his first Winter Tournament A promising runner and should go well.

N. Matheson: An old Tournament campaigner who should be well suited by the Paekak course.

R. Coleman: Another old campaigner who should be at home on the Paekak, course Should give a good account of himself.

Men's Basketball

J. Park: Captain A Canterbury representative in 1954 and a player in his third season in the A team A very cool and experienced player and an obvious choice to lead the team.

B. Kidsnon: Second year with the A team as a guard. Not one of our best shots but a very sound player on defence. Should acquit himself well in his second Tournament.

S. Novak: In his second year with the A team as a guard, and a sound defensive player. An experienced Tournament man having represented both Victoria and Canterbury Colleges in the past.

G. Williams: Guard. Second year in the A team. Has not played consistently owing to a football injury, but can be relied upon to produce good form.

G. Struthers: Guard. A newcomer to the club, can also take a turn at centre The experience at Tournament should make him a valuable player next season.

D. McPherson: Centre First season with the A team, for which he has played some good games this season. Club captain this year, and an energetic worker on the court.

W. Rout: Forward A Nelson man who is playing his first season for C.U.C Settling down quickly and turning on some good performances.

D. Callender: Forward First season with the A team A very fast and energetic player who should do well in Wellington.

Men's Hockey

R. Kerr: Goalie a new face at Tournament. With our [unclear: haddin] faith in the team we don't think that he will have much to do Better take a couple of good novels with you, Robin.

E. Jackson: Full-back [unclear: ve-]captain although playing regularly for the club seniors for some time Eric hasn't been to Tournament since 1951. when he made the N.ZU team. On current form he has every chance of repeating this [unclear: beacuse] this vear.

C Brinsley: Full-back despite all efforts by the selectors Clive has made it again, and for the fifth time will be able to inspire the team with his mis-trapping, fty-hitting and slowness to the ball

K. Mohammed: Full-back or hall-back playing in his second Tournament Kelly should be a decided asset to the team On the field he is one of those unspectacular but highly reliable types who do the work of three ordinary men.

J. F. Mann: Half-back (captain), the daddy of the team Jack has a distinguished record on the hockey world An N.Z.U player vet and N.Z.C Blue numerous times and a Canterbury rep and captain for several seasons, also South Island captain He will have a hard time controlling the boys, but he should maintain his habit of getting into the N.Z.U team

P. Vautier: Half-back this will be Pete's second Winter Tournament, as he was once more successful in getting past the selectors Should make his presence felt in Wellington.

A. Shaw: Half-back another first-timer at Tournament. Plays variously at right-inside and right-half thereby disconcerting his opponents his team-mates, the umpires and the onlookers Can be relied upon to do his share of work.

D. King: Wing forward had no trouble in making the team this year as he is one of the [unclear: selecto] Don will be playing in his four Tournament so opposing player are warned to beware.

B. Bilham: Inside fonvard—has represented C.U.C for the last two years and was a reserve for last year's N.Z.U. team. Brian is playing as well as ever now and will be a dangerous man at left inside

G. Latimer: Inside-forward—Graeme first played for C.U.C in 1951 and we have been unable to got rid of him ever since. He must be approaching his very best form as he scored his first goal of the season last week, congratulations. Graeme!

P. Cotton: Centre-forward—after playing the last few seasons for Woolston Pete has finally seen the light and joined up with a docent club again. This will be his first page 7 Tournament since 1950, and he is our secret weapon. On the field he is only slightly less deadly than an Atom bomb. Has been a Canterbury representative from time to time.

W. Haskell: Inside-forward—still another Tournament first-timer, he is expected to be one of our star players. He has been playing consistently well for the seniors this season.

I. McDougall: Inside-forward—our fifth Tournament newcomer. He has been playing it steady game in the senior reserve team and he should acquit himself well in Wellington.


E. Frost: Jack will be competing in his second Tournament. He is extremely keen and is improving with each game. Should be a very hard man to defeat in Wellington.

N. M. Nimmo: His first Tournament Having gained experience in Oamaru, Ncil may be expected to, perform creditably in all departments of the game.

R. P. Kerr: Between mathematics and Joyce, Hoy does not get much time for practice, but his experience should stand him in good stead in this Tout ament A good doubles player.

D. M. Dissanayake: Played in the team and was selected to play for the South Island Universities, Despite his lack of height he moves very quickly about the court, making him a hard player to defeat.

Catherine Swift: The outstanding member of the team, last year being chosen for the N.Z.U. team She ran he relied upon to do very well again this year Helen Stubbs: Last year she was the top O.U. player, and although she is only just regaining her old form she should prove a very worthy asset to the team.

Table Tennis

N. W. McGillv ray: Second Tournament Winner of N.Z.U. mens singles in 1950, and quickly returning to his best form A former Canterbury representative, his form to date in club matches shows that he will be right in line for another title this year.

T. G. Shadwell: A left-handed-hard-hitting player who will be competing in his third Tournament Runner-up in men's doubles last year, has also been showing excellent form inculb matches.

D. D. M. Stewart: Also in his third Tournament, he was runner-up in the men's doubles last year and a semifinalist in the mixed double: A tenacious player who has been winning most of his games in the A Reserve grade.

T. M. Mineham: An immigrant from South Canterbury playing in his first Tournament He displayed good form in the trials to finish ahead if Syminton. Men's singles semi-finalist at Auckland last year.

Heather Baker: Another from South Canterbury, it must be something in the air down there A very steady player and sound on defence, she can be expected to perform creditably in her first Tournament.

Jan Broome: A good attacking player, taking part in her second Tournament Last year in Auckland, a semi-finalist in the mixed doubles and runner-up in the women's doubles.


J. Berry: Handicap 14. A very steady golfer who has played well below his handicap on several occasions, particularly In match play Can be depended on not to "blow-up" when the pressure is on, and on his day could upset the best.

B. Chambers: Handicap 14. Last year's starter at Auckland, when he was unable to play because of injuries Can play very sound golf when on form and is well acquainted with the weaknesses of the mighty Auckland team. Will be a very useful player.

P. McNellage: Handicap 9. A man who can hit a very long ball and if he can stick to the fairway is capable of causing an upset. A very good match player, the wide open spaces of the Hutt course should suit him admirably.

R. G. Penilngton: Handicap 4. Although liable to go astray from the tees, can play sound golf, and has had wins over several of Canterbury's leading players this season. A member of last year's NZ.U team, he could be in at the kill if he can avoid too much trouble.