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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 18, No. 10. July 15, 1954

Table Tennis . . . — In Good Form For Tournament

Table Tennis . . .

In Good Form For Tournament

The A grade team has performed very well this season. The results so far are:—
  • Lost to Trojans 5-7.
  • Lost to P. and T. Workshops 5-7.
  • Lost to Kilbirnie 5-7.
  • Beat Onslow 9-3.
  • Beat Technical 9-3
  • Lost to Trojans 5-7.
  • Beat P. and T. Workshops 6-6, 16 sets to 5.
  • Beat Kilbirnie 6-6, 15 sets to 14.

With two more matches to play against Onslow and Technical, the team should finish up third or possibly second in the interclub competition. The first three matches were lost mainly because of the failure of Alan Robinson and Dave Marple to win certain vital doubles games which they were expected to win? However, they soon regained the form of 1952 when they were runners-up in the Wellington doubles in the last five matches they have won all ten doubles matches they have played, beating such opponents as Chapman and Lander of P. & T., former N.Z. Doubles winners, and Shewan and Vincent of Kilbirnie. It was these wins that gained the team its 6-6 victories. They should be well in the running, if they keep up their present form, to win the Wellington Doubles and even the New Zealand Doubles this year.

Meeting of those interested in Winter Tournament work with concessions available will be held in Room [unclear: At an] Tuesday evening of 7 p.m.

B. C. Shaw, Head-quarters Controller.

The singles performances of all four players in the team have been much as expected. There have been no spectacular successes, although there have been occasional spectacular losses. Tony Darrock, Alan Robinson and Dave. Marple have shown, by their interclub performances that they are well within the top ten in Wellington. Rex Davis has not been so successful in his singles. He has played brilliantly for short periods however, and has shown that he is capable of taking a set from any player in Wellington. Rex and Tony Darrock make a strong doubles combination and have had several very good wins.

Meeting of "Salient" staff and other interested in "Salient" room, Upper Gym. on Wednesday evening, 21 July, of & p.m.

Supper Will be Served

A number of players from the Table Tennis Club have been playing in Tournaments this season. In the Hutt Valley championships Tony Darrock won the Mixed Doubles and reached the quarterfinals of the Men's Singles where Dave Marple beat him. Dave later took a set off J. S. Crosby in the semifinals. Alan Robinson defeated K. Pomton. one of the top players in the Hutt Valley, but was beaten in five sets by R. Sandllands. top man in the Hutt Valley. Elizabeth Lesser, one of our top girls, reached the semifinals of the Ladies' Bracelet.

In the Wanganui Championships held at the end of study week, our players achieved great success. Alan Robinson won the Men's Singles in a field which contained almost all the top players in Wellington, excluding the first three. Alan played the best table tennis anyone has ever seem him play. In the quarterfinals he defeated his clubmate Tony Darrock and in the final he defeated Lander of P. & T. 21-19 in the fifth set. Tony Darrock avenged his singles defeat when, partnered by Lander, he defeated Alan partnered by Sim of P. & T. in the final of the Men's Doubles. Tony also reached the final of the Mixed Doubles.

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