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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 18, No. 10. July 15, 1954

Statement of Principles of Co-operation

Statement of Principles of Co-operation

Expressing the desire of the National Unions of Students of the different countries for mutual understanding and friendly collaboration, this Conference Reaffirms the following principles, first adopted at the Edinburgh Conference and reaffirmed at the Copenhagen Conference, and the basis for that co-operation.

(a)It shall be a practical co-operation on student problems such as concerning university education student needs, student cultural activities student sport, student health, etc.
(b)It shall be a collaboration on a voluntary basis and in the spirit of mutual respect and equality.
(c)It shall be a collaboration that excludes all forms of discrimination, and is devoid of any kind of partisan policy.

On the basis of the principles stated at the Edinburgh Conference, the conference Recognises that the National Unions of Students represented at this Conference, in adhering to these principles, regret that events for which they are not responsible, have prevented the full realisation of a world student community. They declare their Intention to work for such a community based on these principles and state their willingness to review their own arrangements in the event of changes in the International student situation and of Indications that other National Unions as defined by the Copenhagen Conference are willing to enter into full co-operation.

This Conference nevertheless Recognises that, because of the varying economic, social and political circumstances in the different parts of the world, the content of student problems concerning university education, student needs, student cultural activities, student sports and student health, etc., differs greatly, and Recognises further, therefore, that International Student Conferences may discuss the Important and complex problems which confront students who are in less fortunate social, political and economic circumstances than the students who first formulated the principles of co-operation, subject always to the following conditions:
(a)That the problems raised shall concern students as such.
(b)That insofar as any decisions on these problems is political, It shall be of a non-partisan nature, and the taking of such decisions shall he clearly independent of partisan political considerations.
(c)That any problem raised shall not Involve conflicts between two sovereign states; problems concerning any particular territory may be raised only (1) by an organisation representing a majority of students and having Its base in that territory or (U) in other cases by three National Unions of Students.
(d)That problems involving fundamental human rights and concerning education, student needs, student cultural activities, student sport, etc, and requiring, therefore, the application of the above criteria, shall be considered only If adequate documentation is made available to the International Students Conference. . . .
(e)That, bearing in mind the principles of co-operation and the specific and limited tasks allotted to the Co-coordinating Secretariat, the implementation of decisions taken in accordance with section (c) above, must generally be made by the National Unions themselves. It shall, of course, be for each National Union to act as it thinks appropriate.

Masonry Cartoon

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