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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 18, No. 10. July 15, 1954

Smoke Concert

Smoke Concert

Saturday night's gathering saw the R.S.A. Hall comfortably filled by past and present residents. Some very lively toasts and replies occupied the first section of the evening, our genial Chairman being H. R. C. Wild. Esq., one of the first residents to enter the House when it opened in 1933. We remember the speech by K. A. Gough who had come up from Christchurch for the occasion, and left us with the impression that in the wilds down there many of the natives, probably as a result of the Missionary influence, are speaking English. He also toasted Weir House. Other toasts and replies were made by our Warden, G. S. Orr, who recalled past days in the House, and Messrs. Datson, Weir and Bradshaw, whose voices were fittingly soft, gentle and er, low. The Principal of the College, Dr. Williams, tried hard to refute the suggestion that V.U.C. had been built specially to give residents of Weir House something to do in the day time.

As the evening proceeded groups were formed and re-formed and many skeletons of the past were joyously dragged from their cupboards for temporary introduction to those who had not met them before. Delightful melodies and stirring hakes which wafted from a group on the stage were conducted by Our Pres who used the piano as his podium. The company, mindful of further events on the morrow, dispersed quietly shortly after midnight.

Afternoon Tea at Weir: On Sunday afternoon a gleaming and spotless Weir was open to inspection by Old Residents and members of the Management Committee and tea was provided in the dining room. The Matron, Mrs., Keddell is to be thanked for her enthusiastic help with this function.

Weir On Parade: On the Sunday night the 2tst Celebration Variety Concert was held in the "Little Theatre" before a full house. Contrary to expectations the audience stayed to the end.

Much work had gone into the preparation of this concert, and credit must go among many others to producer actor, authors D. B. (Lager) Wilson and "Little Albert" Corbett. A well-organised and often tuneful chorus of some 20-odd, singing some really good original lyrics, provided the basis of a Variety show which provided us with a colorful finish to an entirely memorable weekend.

It is pleasing to note that the Association was able to make a donation of 11 guineas to the Harry Squires Memorial Home from contributions received at the Concert.

Footnote: We have to report that the Weir XV. lacking one or two of its star players had a solid match last week with the Massey College second XV at Palmerstone North and lost by 8 points to 3. We hope to see this match, the first of its kind as an annual event.

The food provided for students at the Federal University of Agriculture—which is situated 31 miles from Rio de Janeiro and is consequently conducted on a hostel basis—had for years been a cause of complaints. Though the University has managed its own farms, gardens, and cattle breeding there was no end to the students' complaints about bad or spoilt food. Protest strikes began with the Rector even calling for the police once, who attacked the students with truncheons. Then there came a day when quite surprisingly Marshal Dutrn, ex-President of the Republic, turned up and sat down together with the students for dinner. Obviously he convinced himself that the complaints were Justified for after a long struggle, in the course of which the authorities by all possible means tried to defend their right to the management of the food commissariat, the student body at long last was granted the management of the student restaurant. The anniversary of this taking over of the responsibility by the students recently was celebrated with a great feast, for since that time there had been no reason to complain. The students are now themselves enthusiastically cultivating a plot of land the yields of which they deliver to the kitchen. Incidentally, they have proved that the notion still widely prevalent in South America, that students could not be trusted with administrative responsibilities of their own is unjustified. (Special report.)

A letter from St. Thomas to Brother John "Oft How To Study."

"Brother John, most dear to me in Christ: since you have asked me how we should let about to acquire the treasure of knowledge, this is my advice to you concerning it: namely, that you should choose to enter, not straightaway into the ocean, but way of the little streams; for difficult things ought to be reached by way of easy ones.

The following, therefore, is my advice to you concerning your way of living:

I urge you to hesitate before speaking and to hesitate before entering the common room;

Hold fest to the cleanness of your conscience;

Do not cease from devoting time to prayer;

Love your cell by mating constant use of it, if you want to be admitted into the wine cellar;

Show yourself to be lovable to everybody, or at least try to do so; but be very familiar with nobody, for too much familiarity breeds contempt and introduces factors which retard study:

Also, do not in any way get yourself involved in the doings or sayings of outsiders: Avoid aimless meanderings above all things;

Do not fail to follow in the footsteps of the saints and of sound men;

Do not heed by Whom a thing is said, but rather What is said you should commit to your memory;

What you read, set about to understand, verifying what is doubtful;

Strive to put whatsoever you can in the cupboard of your mind, as though you were wanting to fill a vessel to the brim;

"Seek not the things that are too high for thee."

Follow in the footsteps of that blessed Dominic, who, while he yet had life for his fellow-traveler, brought forth and produced foliage blossom fruit—fruit both serviceable and astonishing—in the vineyard of the Lord of Hosts.

If you shall have followed these steps, you will attain to whatsoever you have in mind. Fare you well.

(Inserted by the Catholic Students Guild.)