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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 18, No. 9. July 1, 1954

Joynt Scroll — Victoria Second

Joynt Scroll

Victoria Second

The annual Joynt Scroll Debating Contest, normally held during the N.Z.U. Winter Tournament, was held in the Little Theatre on Friday, June 18. This year the contest was associated with a second series of debates on the following afternoon to enable the judges to select a team of two to represent N.Z.U. on an Australian tour.

The following is an analysis of the Friday evening debates for Joynt Challenge Scroll:

Debate One—M.A.C (aff.) v. A.U.C. (neg.). "That Morals depend Upon Environment" Won by A.U.C.

Debato Two—C.U.C. (aff.) v. O.U. (neg.). That Treaties such as Nato and Anzus are in conflict with the best interests of the United Nations." Won by O.U.

Debate Three—C.A.C. (aff.) v. V.U.C. (neg.). "That the accumulation of wealth denotes success in life." Won by V.U.C.

The Judges. Miss C. S. Forde. A. Eaton Hurley Esq. and Sir Matthew Oram, after deliberation awarded the Scroll to the Otago Team, consisting of Messrs K. E. W. Melvin and J. F. G. Irwin, placing V.U.C. (Messrs. B. Brown and D. Garrett) second and C.U.C. (Messrs. A. Lawson and I. Crcewell) third.

Placing for individual speakers was: Melvin, O.U., first; Brown, V.U.C, second; and Messrs Irwin, O.U. and Garrett, V.U.C., third equal.

The Saturday afternoon debates were as follows:

Debate One—V.U.C. (aff.) v. C.U.C. (neg.), "That post-war American policy has not furthered the interests of world peace," won by V.U.C.

Debate Two O.U. (aff.) v M.A.C. (neg.), "That Modern Civilisation is a Failure." won by O.U.

Debate Three—A.U.C. (aff.) v. C.A.C. (neg.). "That New Zealand should forthwith secede from the Commonwealth and join the U.S.A." won by V.U.C.

The team to tour Australia was announced as Messrs. Chamley (A.U.C). and Melvin (O.U.). If Chamley was unable to go. Mr. Lawson (C.U.C.) was to take his place; and if Melvin was unable to go, Mr. Brown (V.U.C.) was to take his place. Sir Matthew Oram, commenting after announcing the results of their deliberations, pointed out that the main object of the speaker was to make contact with the audience. This was something which Mr. Garrett (V.U.C.) failed to do. although his speech was one of the most logical and lucid of the previous evening. Mr. Dugdale (A.U.C) improved on the second debate, and shows great promise. Sir Matthew emphasised the necessity of careful preparation—nothing is to be gained without preparation. A good speech cannot be prepared in one day, he said, commenting on the fact that one team had only one day's preparation. The ability of a speaker to "Think on his feet" and to be able to sum up the opposition's arguments were essentials for a good speaker.

The participation of the Agricultural Colleges in debates was also a good thing, as they presented a different point of view to the debates. Sir Matthew deplored speakers putting their hands in their pockets as they spoke, also debaters smoking on the platform. The quality of interjections, look, left much to be desired.