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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 18, No. 9. July 1, 1954

Three-Hour Freeze — Dull A.G.M

Three-Hour Freeze

Dull A.G.M.

The Fifty-sixth Annual General Meeting of the Victoria University College Students' Association was held last Wednesday evening in the Upper Gymnasium. Some 63 members of the Association deigned to attend to exercise their right to formulate the policy of the V.U.C.S.A. for the ensuing year—some 3 per cent of the total membership. Because those who were interested in V.U.C.S.A. were at the meeting, we do not intend to give much space to the event for the remainder of the student body.

The meeting was presided over by Mr. T. H. Beaglehole. B.A. retiring Men's Vice-President. The Annual Report was discussed, with questions on the text-book scheme, Student Employment Service, Congress, Capplcade advertising and other associated matters. For those interested, some 100 copies of the Annual Report are still available to members.

A proposed Constitutional Amendment to provide for an Electioneering Sub-Committee of the Executive to control the electioneering of candidates for official posts and the Executive was discussed and variously amended and was lost after a 90-minute discussion.

A motion requesting the Secretary to write to the United Nations deploring the situation in Guatemala was lost; at one stage during the meeting there were insufficient members present to constitute a quorum. The chairman adjourned the meeting for five minutes to enable members to stretch their legs, and the meeting concluded some three and one half hours after it had begun with Mr. M. J. O'Brien moving a vote of thanks to the Chairman for the very capable and efficient manner of his chairmanship, which was heartily accorded.

The results of the annual elections were then announced.

The next Annual General Meeting will be held (d.v.) in the Upper Gymnasium on Wednesday, June 21. 1955, at 8 p.m. Members are invited to be present.