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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 18, No. 7. June 10, 1954

Can the Ski Club Build a Hut on Ruapehu?

Can the Ski Club Build a Hut on Ruapehu?

Is it practical? Can they pay for it?

These are the questions being asked about the college, and in skiing circles, at the present time.

In May last year the ski club launched its first major campaign, namely to raise sufficient capital with which to build a hut on Ruepehu. In less than twelve months £160 has been raised in donations and a further £60 promised, not to mention offers of labour and technical advice.

Although the ski club would be the prime user, other Clubs, both sporting and cultural, would benefit. Hence it is suggested the hut be a "Victoria University College Hut." £1000 is the estimated cost but if £560 capital is on hand by next summer a start in construction could he made.

Unless a start is made soon, the club will find itself unable to run any trips due to lack of accommodation. This state of affairs already exists to some extent, and will be accentuated with the building of the new chair lift on Ruapehu.

Tentative plans are at present being drawn up and the necessary requirements for the hut are listed below.

The structure is rectangular in shape to reduce complications in building and in cost. The interior is divided into two parts, a living room and a covered way comprising drying room, equipment room and washrooms.

The living room, 18ft. by 32ft., has four sets of double bunks three feet high, and a long scat under the window with accommodation for three. The total sleeping accommodation would be twenty-seven. Windows in the north and west sides will provide ample sunshine.

It is felt that communal eating and sleeping is preferable to separate bunk rooms, for a common room is warmer anil more sociable, especially when the occupants have the same interests and are of the same age as university students generally are.

The covered way, 10ft. by 32ft., is divided into two washrooms at the south end each with approximately fifteen lockers for personal gear such as clothes, etc. At the north end provision is made for a drying room with hot water system. By making the back of the stove part of the wall, little heat will be lost up the chimney. The passage leading from the door to the equipment room will have a floor of spaced battens to allow snow to be kicked oil boots, and on either side will be ski racks.

The equipment room will have a work bench and numerous cupboards and above will be a loft fon the storage of packs and surplus gear.

Under these conditions a skier can wash and change without entering the main living room, which thus remains warm and dry.

Two water tanks on the outside on the sunny side will provide sufficient water for normal needs.

Numerous partitions, cupboards and so on may be left out for a while, but it is essential to have the living room complete and the main shell of the covered way complete. Washrooms, lockers, drying room and workbench, etc., can come later.

Six hundred and sixty pounds would build this shell giving complete protection from the weather.

In order to arouse interest in the hut campaign a news bulletin is published periodically giving progress reports, coming events, etc. Any person who desires to help and all those who would like to have bulletins posted to them should contact the ski club via the letter rack.

Remember, we want the hut built in our time. Not in the next generation.