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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 18, No. 7. June 10, 1954

From the Olympian Heights . . . — Weir Here Again

From the Olympian Heights . . .

Weir Here Again

This 21st Year of Ours is showing such a remarkable development of House activity it may well be that 1954 will go down in the records as the year of our cultural renaissance. "Away! away! for I will fly to thee. Not charioted by Bacchus and his pards, but on the viewless wings of poesy," Mr. Keats informs us and we must confess that even if his example is not followed to the letter it certainly is in spirit. Read on for further enlightenment.

Round the Galleries: In con formity with this rebirth of House culture we have founded our Art Gallery. Not that Weir has lacked artistic appreciation in the past—we have a most discriminating taste in caiendars—but nothing on the scale of the present venture has been previously attempted. Here are a few comments by our Art Critic . . .

"Apart from an example of neolithic postor work, crude though possessing a certain historical interest, the outstanding work of the exhibition is a self-portrait by Paul Cezanne. That is according to the description on the library card at the back—It is really, however, as Housemen have been quick to point out, Mr. William Weir with a bowler hat. . . Anna Zinkeisen's enchanting ballet scene has now been moved from its hanging under the Kelburn Keg. . . . "As a footnote we must mention that the rumour that Mr. Rich is sponsoring a move to obtain one of Henri Toulouse-Lautrec's later works is totally unfounded.

Is Malan a Marvel, Machiavel or Murderer? This was the question asked by a poster advertising the first of this year's discussion evenings, a talk on the South African racial problem by Dr. W. B. Sutch. until recently in charge of New Zealand's delegation to Unesco. It was a stimulating address but not a pleasant one. As the speaker told us of the appalling treatment of the native by a white minority, we wondered what atrocities civilised man is not incapable of. An economist himself, Dr. Sutch gave us an insight into the exploitation of South Africa's wealth and people by huge commercial interests—an exploitation which has led to the horrifying dilemma which is [unclear: South] Africa today. "What is Malan—a murderer?" we asked our speaker. "No," replied Dr. Sutch, "He is merely a Boer—a little madder than the rest, that's all."

Just in Passing . . . We understand that Housemen are feverishly engaged in writing for the Weir Magazine. Guy Powles and his committee are using every method from diplomacy to intimidation to make this year's mag, a really first class affair. . . . After a tem porary lapse from grace, the Weir football team continues with their weekly celebrations . . . . The last House Dance was so successful that we're not going to advertise this one. . . .

Weir Celebrations: A committee of past and present residents, with the blessing of the Weir House Association, is busy on the preliminary organisation of the coming-of-age festivities, to be held on the first weekend in July. Much more of this next issue.