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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 18, No. 1. March 3, 1954

State of the Union

State of the Union

On behalf of the Executive may I take this opportunity of extending a warm welcome to all students who are enrolling for lectures at Victoria College during 1954.

The year 1953 can, I feel, be looked back upon with much satisfaction. In sport, our record was outstanding. For three seasons running we have been able to claim supremacy in the major sports in Wellington, our Senior Rugby team having won the Jubilee Cup twice and our cricketers having been successful once. The Athletic and Harrier Clubs were also successful in winning their respective Senior Club Championships last year, while our cricketers, although not top of the ladder, remain at the moment the only unbeaten team in the competition. The Rugby Club celebrated its fiftieth anniversary with the inclusion of four of its members in the

P. M. McCaw. Esec, President.

P. M. McCaw. [unclear: Esec], President.

President's Message for 1954

All Black team at present touring the United Kingdom, a fitting reward for the attractive and enterprising football which they have played during the past two seasons.

Together with the good records by other University Clubs, including a most successful Winter Tournament, these fine performances contributed to a proud record which will indeed be difficult to equal in the future.

Academic Achievements

From an academic viewpoint. Victoria's achievement was also great. In scholarships awarded. Victoria gained more than her share, and for the second year in succession one of her members was successful in gaining a Rhodes Scholarship.

There can be little doubt that the College is enjoying one of its most successful periods, that the Executive has been fully aware of the fact and has in general devoted its energies to the task of making permanent the greatly improved spirit among students which has naturally followed upon success. By meeting Club representatives at regular intervals, it has endeavoured to assist them in every way in building up strong and active organisations. On the social side, it organised last year a series of dances; which on the whole were the most successful for several years. In the matter of service to students it has carried on the Student Employment Service and the Stationery Scheme which were promoted by the previous Executive, and this year it is hoped a Text Book Scheme will be added.

Student Union Building

The Student Union Building has occupied much of the time of your executive and an up-to-date report on the facilities required was adopted at a recent meeting. We are all hopeful that a definite start can be made in the near future.

The administration for Capping has already begun. Although I regret to say we can obtain no definite [unclear: infomation] on the availability of the Opera House until late in March, we are carrying on with our plans in the hope that all will be well. As hosts for this year's winter Tournament, we face a task requiring considerable organisation. On the publication side the executive has decided to publish an issue of "Spike" in 1954, the first for six years, while efforts will be made during the year to replace the present Students' Handbook with a more comprehensive Orientation Handbook to be issued to intending students before they leave school.

Future Plans

What then of the future? A brief reflection reveals that your Executive has a very full programme to many out during the remainder of its term in office. In the first place, it must organise all the activities in connection with the "Freshers' Week," including the Freshers' Welcome, the Freshers' Ball, together with the administration of the Stationery and Text Book Scheme. This year an extension will be made by promoting Faculty Evenings, the main purpose of which is to allow new students to meet their lecturers in a social atmosphere.

This programme is a heavy one, demanding a great deal of work by all members of the Executive. If the Executive is to be able to carry them through to a successful conclusion it must rely heavily upon the willing and active support of a large body of students. May I therefore conclude by making an appeal to all students, whether you be full time or part time, to enter freely into the student activities whicn will be organised for your benefit. If you are asked to fill an administrative post, accept willingly if you possibly can. When volunteers for such activities as Extravaganza and Procession are called for, make it your business to be among those who step forward. If you co-operate in this manner, the work of the Executive will be far less burdensome and much more successful, you yourself will enjoy the pleasure of meeting your fellow students, while you will contribute in no small way towards making Victoria College an even better University than it is to-day.

May I wish you all a happy and successful year.

D. M. McCaw,


Another Gone

It is with great pleasure that we congratulate Miss Mary Williment, B.Sc. (Chemistry), and Mr. Malcolm McLean (also science) on the occasion of their recent engagement, and we wish them all of the best in the future.

"Love blooms in test tubes

In accordance with mathematical formulae."