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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 18, No. 1. March 3, 1954

Physical Education

Physical Education

Of interest to students newly arrived at this College is the fact that there is, at the College, a fulltime Physical Education officer, Mr. W. ("Bill") H. Landreth, B.A. His quarters are situated on the top floor of the gymnasium, and he conducts various sporting activities, cither individually or as a group. Among the activities last year, padderminton, badminton, and "Keep Fit" classes were popular and apart from that, did a great deal towards giving welcome relaxation after strenuous study. There is a world of truth in the ancient adage, "A healthy body means a healthy mind." The successful student must combine study with relaxation and rest. In the Upper Gym., too, new friends are made. Freshers should make it their business to consult Mr Landreth at the earliest opportunity, to enrol for classes—even if it is only two or three hours a week, the results will be a greatly refreshed mind and body which, in these days of hectic rush, we are all too wont to forget. Showers are provided for both sexes. Enrol Now and get the most out of 'varsity life. Adjustment to university life may possibly be made easier by seeking advice in the right quarter and at the right time. "Bill" Landreth is always willing to discuss and help students with problems of health and recreation. A wider range of activities than usual will, it is hoped, be offered this year, and a student health service, already awaiting approval, will greatly help the student to keep reasonably fit and alert. So what about it, folks?