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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 18, No. 1. March 3, 1954

The Comments of "Harpocrates"

The Comments of "Harpocrates".

Congress doesn't mean much to the average student. It is held at an obscure place during an obscure time of the year and it is only very rarely that the newspapers fake any notice of us—which is what we with. Congressites are very proud of the select nature of their group and any attempt to overpopularise Congress would be greeted with dismay. But all of this obscurity of time and place, and the selectness of the habitues, misapprehensions covering the nature of Congress are many. The following it not an apologia but rather a report of extra-curricular activities which contributed very largely to the formation of the "congress spirit".

Congress 1954, was organised by A.U.C.; the Congress Controller was Peter Boag, co-editor of "Craccum" and an executive member. Congress organisation involves in the main collecting from all over New Zealand a stimulating panel of lecturers headed by an outstanding chairman. The Controller succeeded in the first but not in the latter. The actual management of Congress proceeded smoothly enough—the less it is in evidence the better it is—but did not impress as did the previous management by Audrey Cook of V.U.C. Boag did, however, introduce some innovations which will contribute to future Congress.