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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 17, No. 7. April 29, 1953

They Cast No Shadow

page 2

They Cast No Shadow

So much has been written of the dull grey masses that trudge up to the College for a lecture and then trudge immediately down again, that one is fearful in writing more last one be accused of time wasting. Yet we would be failing in our duly if we did not draw attention to what we believe to be something fundamental and vital to the wellbeing of the College.

The altitude of the trudges it not uncomprehensible. They feel, that a university education begins and ends with lectures and examinations; largely, this belief is not their fault To a great extent it can be attributed, we feel, to the greater utilitarian purposes to which the university it being put: it does of course, pose a nice problem; when does a university coats to be a university? There it ample justification, feel, for saying that if certain things are to be the subject of a university course, then they should be treated as such and not merely as commercial courles for meal tickets. If a degree is to be awarded, it should be we maintain, not something which is awarded for attendances at lectures and the passing of examinations. A degree is the hallmark of a university; it is that which says: "This man has had a university education." Today, a degree more and more comes to mean: "This man has passed examinations set by the University of New Zealand."

And the way out? The way out it the way back; we must foster a corporate Spirit, and this can only be done when people really feel they belong. If a student were compelled to enroll as a full timer for two years, at least, then we would be on the right road. There would be those who would cry that such an idea would mean that some courses could not be carried on at the university. They would be quire right in their statement, but the underlying assumption would be false. The underlying assumption is that they are entitled to have their course at the university, and that the university should be made to suit the university, if they do not like it they may go elsewhere, and would not notice their pasting They are here, but they cast no shadow.