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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 17, No. 1. March 4, 1953

Exec Jottings

Exec Jottings

Pacific East Asia Student Information Service was proposed by N.A.U.S. and the scheme was forwarded to Vic for our proposals; as nothing could be done during the vacation the question was shelved until this term. The proposed Information service (fully supported by the executive) is closely connected with two other matters: an invitation from the University of Hawaii for a delegate to attend a gathering of representatives of Pacific universities; and a request for information about Victoria and for closer relations with Vic by the Gajah-Mada University. Djokjakarta. The information service will help to foster closer relations between South Asian universities at a time when this region is increasing in international importance. It will be very interesting to follow the development of this organisation-to-be—will it collapse through inertia like so many other schemes of the same sort? We hope not.

Stationery is to be sold in the College as a result of Betty Dibble's proposals after she had been elected to office. Miss Dibble, who has resigned to take the post-grad, teaching course at Auckland proposed that small stocks of stationery should be sold by the students' exec. to the Association who would, by virtue of an arrangement between the exec. and the wholesalers, be able to obtain stationery at reduced rates. The lines are attractive—some have the College crest—and although sales details have not been settled at the time of writing this, a full range of stationery can and should be bought at the exec. room.

Various Appointments for association publications have been made. Trev. Hill continues as "Salient" editor with the highly successful sports editor, Bernie Galvin, as assistant editor. Owing to academic responsibilities. John Cody could not continue as business manager, which post is being filled by Malcolm McCaw. the Association's treasurer. Allan Durward's enforced absence from Wellington made his resignation from the editorship of "Capicade" Imperative: the position was filled by Messrs. Rowntree and Green of "The Evening Post." Bill Sheat, who has had considerable "Cappicade" experience, was deputed to be a liaison between the co-Joint editors and the exec.

The Extrav Dates were one of the most important items finalised at the first February meeting. By arrangement with J. C. Williamson Theatres. Ltd. the exec. has the first week of the May vacation pencilled in for Extrav. Should the Opera House be unable to allow us those dates we must be given a month's notice. Failure to give us a month's notice results in a breach of contract which results in an action which results in?

Overseas and New Zealand Students will have a chance to meet at a conversazione to be held early in the first term. Controlled by Julie Hunt last year the event was a great success and with Pauline Hoskins in control this year the success is sure to be repeated. Des Dalgety was appointed Freshers' Welcome Controller, and those who know Mr. Dalgety's social achievements will realise what a good show this should be.

An Overseas Student Relief Committee was formed at the last exec. meeting to handle the current appeal for funds for impoverished students overseas. Messrs. Proctor. Braybrooke. Turney and Matheson; Misses Hoskins, Kent and Bolvin wore added to the existing sub-committee of Ann Tarrant, Diana Lescher, and Lance Robinson. This committee has in mind the Wits-watersranl Scholarships, and relief for an Indian university.

The Tournament Travelling Subsidy for the coming tournament at Otago is to be £1/12/-per person. This would make the expense approximately £4 for every male member and £3/10/- for every female member of the team, which is expected to be about ninety strong.

The Men's Common Room is to be almost completely refunished, with newly painted wails, new linoleum, new curtains, a magazine rack, and best of all, two chesterfield suites to replace the Siberian railway carriage seats. The executive has gone to all of trouble over this, and the College Council has had to spend over £110 in the laying of the linoleum.

The Extrav. Producer is Jeff Stewart, who has appeared in many Extravs., and has written the music and words for "Hollandaze." it is to be presumed that Bill Sheat will assist him. There is only one script in at present, from the old faithfuls. Bollinger and MacNeill. The selection committee is Maurice O'Brien, Jeff Stewart and two others, Messrs. Carrad and Braybrooke.