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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 17, No. 1. March 4, 1953

Sports News — Varsitys Cricket Sucess

page 11

Sports News

Varsitys Cricket Sucess

Sports New by B. V. Galvin

The summer vacation has seen the emergence of what may prove to be another premier team—this time the sport is cricket The senior XI, however, has little of the glamour that surrounded the victorious Rugby team, being solely an efficient match winning side.

Its success has been due to an undeniably strong batting side. Rarely has the whole team been called to bat in any one innings. The team's bowling, although not strong, has proved sufficient to dismiss most senior XI's. The fielding has, in the main, been sound—a regrettable lapse occurring against St Pat's O.B.

The presence of Reid turned a somewhat badly balanced team into a proficient match winning machine. The value of Reid could not be underestimated. Indeed the wisdom of posting Reid to Varsity could be justly criticised on the basis that Varsity was already a reasonably strong senior side.

Vance and McCaw have added greatly to the successful nature of the team. Vance has given it colour, McCaw character. Although his slow scoring and reluctance to play attacking shots are often condemned from a spectator's point of view, they do give the team steadiness—a quality lamentably lacking in most Varsity sides. McCaw has a safe pair of hands enhanced by continual concentration.

Oakley, after a very meagre pre-Christmas period, has of late turned in several good performance. Little has been seen of Larkin—his presence, however, has always added a reliable stock bowler and a sound batsman to the side. Smith has had a successful season with the ball. His left-hand medium deliveries have given the attack greater punch and much needed variety.

The remainder of the team (plus McCaw) are all players who are eligible for this years summer tournament and consequently their performances are of even greater local interest.

St. John was considered by many to be rather fortunate in obtaining Shield honours. The selector must have considered St. John's fielding ability sufficient compensation for his relatively poor batting performances. Ho should be a great asset in the tournament and may be a possible captain.

Perkins [unclear: had] two Shield games and was perhaps unfortunate to be denied a further-chance. Leg spinners of Perkins' type are rare. Consequently it would not surprise if within a short period he will once again wear Wellington colours. Experience is an almost essential attribute for a leg-spinner. It not only Increases control over flight and spin but also develops a more seasoned psychological approach to bowling. Perkins' batting performances have shown a meteororic upward trend and have given the team an even greater batting potential. Should Perkins be available for tournament ho will be the spearhead of our bowling attack.

Thompson was prominent early this season and in the Brabin Shield series, but the C.M.T. has limited his season. His batting and fielding and to an even greater extent his left-hand bowling would have given a more balanced side.

Nicholson, a forcing bat and a brilliant field," has given the middle batting increased vigour. Kerr has shown particular promise with the bat. He has a large repertoire of shots and ample fighting spirit. With Increased virility in the field and greater opportunities to show his abundant talent. Kerr would soon be headed for higher things.

The wicket-keeper, Harrison, has given improved displays during this season. Military training has deprived him of the chance of developing into a proficient senior keeper.

The team in general has suffered from fluctuating personnel—no fewer than 20 players having appeared for the senior side. In this aspect it la very similar to the Rugby team. Another similarity is the team's ability to win even when the top-liners are absent. Outright wins over Johnsonville and Onslow and a first innings victory over St. Pat's were obtained with a depleted team.