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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 15, No. 16. August 14, 1952

Tournament Prospects And Teams

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Tournament Prospects And Teams

Men's Hockey . . .

The team which is to represent the V.U.C. Men's Hockey Club at Winter Tournament this year appears to be one of the strongest of those which have worn the green jersey over the past four years. Built up around a solid nucleus of five regular senior players is a combination which should go a long way towards winning a Hockey Section of Tournament, and thus gain valuable points for Victoria in the contest for the Tournament Shield.

There is in this team an admirable blending of experienced players with younger players who are likely to profit much from the gains of Tournament. Indeed, it is the last factor which is most important. Win or lose, our team is sure to play a high standard of hockey and every member of the team will gain in knowledge and experience from playing in such a competition.

Hockey in the New Zealand University College is at present on a very high plane an shown by the record of the N.Z.U. team in Australia last year. It remains to be seen how thin year's team fares against the touring Australian representatives. V.U.C. is represented in the N.Z.U. team by Gatfield and O'Connor, with Compton and Cryer as reserves.

The following is the team to repre-V.U.C. at Winter Tournament:—
  • Coates, the goalkeeper, has been playing excellent hockey this season and his wide knowledge of the game will be of great value to the team. In recent years he has represented Wellington and last year he toured Australia in the N.Z.U. team.
  • Gatley, one of the younger players, who was a member of the Palmerston North Boys' High School first eleven last year, will be one of the full backs. He is a skilful player, adept at setting the team quickly on attack.
  • Gatfleld, the captain, will be playing at centre half. His sound tactical knowledge and leadership, apart from his own play which is always of the highest standard should stand the team in good stead. Last year he represented N.Z.U. in Australia.
  • Revell, an acquisition from Dunedin, where he represented Otago Colts, has been a regular member of the senior team since he was promoted early in the season. He is a reliable half or full back.

The other half backs. Little and Shelton are members of the second grade, second division team, where they have played good hockey thin season.

The forward lines promises to be one of the strongest departments of the team.

Two senior players, Cryer and Humbly should be able to direct the attacks to good purpose. Cryer is a former Wellington rep and was on N.Z.U. player in Australia last year. He fills either the right wing or an inside forward position. Hambly, a product of Gisborne High School, is a fine inside forward or left wing. He has played excellent hockey in Wellington this year and represented Wellington against Hutt Valley for the Ross Cup.

Dry and Brown, from the second grade second division team are valuable members of the team. Dry is a versatile player who was selected to represent Wellington second grade against Hutt Valley last season. Brown, as member of last year's Tournament team is an inside forward of great determination.

The other three team members are from the second grade, first division team which is unbeaten up till now.

Oaks, a right wing or inside right, has played hockey in Christchurch before coming to Wellington. He played for V.U.C. in last year's Tournament and also represented Wellington's second grade this year.

Nealon, is a centre forward of great ability who takes the trend of play with great skill. He has represented Waikato colts. Auckland country colts and Wellington colts (1952).

Turner, a fast left wing gained valuable experience at last year's Tournament and should give a good account of himself both on and off the field. He represented Wellington second grade against Hutt Valley last year and was left wing for the Wellington colts team in 1951 and again in 1952.

Women's Hockey...

Although there is a considerable percentage of new players this year owing to the departure of several of the "old hands," we still hope to render a satisfactory account of ourselves at Tournament. Some of our players lack the necessary experience, but they are all keen to prevent the standard set by last year's team from failing too low.

B. Haldane the goalie, has shown a decided improvement since the be ginning of the season. If she could learn to kick the ball with as much confidence as she hits it she would be very hard to pass.

Ruth Oderkerk, our right full-back is unable to go to Tournament, so her place has been filled by P. Barr, a dependable player, who usually manages to be in the right place at the right time.

E. Kingdon, the other full-back, is a most reliable player, with a good clearing hit and a sound tackle.

Among the halves, the captain, L. Holland, is playing her usual admirable game on the right. The mainstay of the team, she has a naturally strong hit, which she directs intelligently, and is capable of a nice [unclear: rn] o fspeed.

A Wellwood, the centre-half, is a good pivot for the team. She swings play well, and with her hard hit makes excellent scoring opportunities for her forwards, but she must remember that fitness is essential.

P. Simmers, at left-half, shows a terrier instinct for sticking to the ball and to her opponent which could well be imitated by the rest of the team. She has good stickwork, and backs up her forwards well, but should try more variation in directing the ball.

The forward line is composed almost entirely of new-comers, who have not quite the combination of last year's forwards but they are all willing players.

P. McKenzie, at right wing, is capable of very neat stick-work at times, but should centre the ball sooner, when past the "25" line. She is well supported by the inner M. Bertrand, who has perhaps the best hit among the forwards, added to plenty of "push." She does, however, need to better her stickwork.

S. Wilson, as centre-forward, is a fairly consistent and steady player, who keeps her position well, and makes a good pivot for the forward line.

S. Hutchison, left inner, has also improved considerably. Her passing is generally good, and she hits well, but needs to improve her stickwork and to correct a tendency to hang back with the halves.

R. Baird is the most improved player in the team. She is fast, with excellent stickork, and if she could learn to centre the ball harder, her play would be worthy of any representative team. The two emergencies, J. Brown and G. Lencher, are both careful players. Combined play is the only play which will bring reuslts and if the Victoria team will remember this they should get good results.

Men's Indoor Basketball ...

As Canterbury insists on holding the Tournament in our term time, Victoria will be represented by a team much weaker than otherwise would have been the case. Still, this chicanery on the part of Canterbury has not prevented us sending down a team, of whom two have had previous Varsity Tournament experience.

This alll-star line-up is headed by veteran fast breaking forward Singhi ("The Shadow") Moral. An N.Z.U. Blue and Wellington representative for several years, he is a man to be feared.

Other members are:—
  • Ron Read: This is his third season and he is an accurate shot.
  • John Wright: A high-Jumping guard who made the N.Z.U. "C" team last year.
  • Norm Harris: Was at Tournament last year and is now showing his best form ever.
  • Ross Nelson: His scoring average in competition games is encouragingly high.
  • Paul Cullinane and Trevor Hill: Two late additions to the team, should both do as well as expected.

Fencing ...

With only one member of last year's team available, the team this year is rather inexperienced. But while, perhaps, it is not as strong as some of the unbeatable sextets we have had in the past, Victoria should be well in the picture at Christchurch.

The team is: Mary Ellis, Beverly Hoggard. T. H. Beaglehole. H. R. Harris. R. A. Knox, D. Wilson.