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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 15, No. 14. July 24, 1952

Student Rugby Dispute

Student Rugby Dispute

A White Paper has been issued by NZUSA covering the history of the dispute between NSUSA and NZRFC and also stating the exact nature and function of the Blues panel. To the uninitiated reader it affords an opportunity to clarify the fundamental issues involved.

As it is at the present time the N.Z.R.F.C. is an automonous body existing apart from N.Z.U. yet still awarding Rugby "blues." It owes not allegiance to the Blue's Panel—a body instituted in an attempt to obtain some uniformity between the desired standard in each sport and to keep this standard constant from year to year. In fact it is to the Blue's Panel in particular that the R.F.C. objects. In defence of its action it gives two reasons which do not seem sufficient cause for their rejection of this body.

"1. After experience over many years with a similar provision it has been found that a standard, particularly of the type now fixed (provincial rep.) is not capable of intelligent interpretation for a sport such as


"2 Even if such a standard were capable of reasonable application, the Council is satisfied that its selectors are more competent to determine Which players have reached the required standard than any other body appointed by the Association."

The first charge seems baseless when the success of the Blues Panel in other team sports is considered.

One clause in the constitution of the Blurs Panel, I think, could be pointedly quoted here.

"In team sports the panel shall have regard to coordinated team play in Judging individual merit rather than to individual brilliance won at the expense of the team."

The second charge stems from a misinterpretation of the true nature of the Blues Panel which is not a body of selectors but a panel to advise individual selectors of the standards required.

The N.Z.R.F.C. further claimed that because of N.Z.U.S.A.'s attitude in refusing to grant N.Z.U. Blues to its 1951 nominees it has broken an agreement entered into in 1934. (The exact extent and proposed duration of this agreement is somewhat doubtful.) However, the council has continually refused offers of a combined meeting with the Blues Panel to enable them to discuss their differences.

Because of the length and documented character of this paper I re-commend anyone Interested, especially members of the local Rugby club la whose hands the settlement of this dispute now lies, to mad this paper.

Sports Editor.