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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 15, No. 12. July 3, 1952

The World Well Lost

page 4

The World Well Lost

Perhaps you aren't interested in [unclear: rctifon]; perhaps you used to be, but reckon you know better than to believe such stuff now; perhaps you hate it. In any of these cases it is unlikely that you haw studied closely any specific religion, say Christianity, weighed it up, and finally rejected it. It's an odd things, but our brains don't seem to work that way about religion. We learn, in modern education, to reason, infer and deduct, as far as possible in facts, cold facts. Have you ever tried to adopt this principle in connection with Christianity?

It's high time you knew where you stood. None of us think much of the person whose ideas and beliefs veer round with every passing breeze of opinion, even less of the person who can't be bothered working out what he believes, even about Ultimate Reality for the World. Christians have definite beliefs. "All right," you say, kowtowing to the great god Tolerance, "let them have them, I suppose they're sincere. I don't are what they think as long as they leave me alone." A fine, tolerant attitude]

Has it ever occurred to you that much of our so-called tolerance is just plain laziness? We can't be bothered finding out the whys and wherefors, so, while wholesale condemnation of what we don't understand has gone out of fashion, this pseudo, broad-minded acceptance of all things has replaced it.

There is in the University a handful of keen students who are certain that what they have is so infinity precious that they can never let it go, and so supremely important that none can afford to be without it. What is it? If you think they are deluded about what they profess, attack them for goodness sake.

If you think they are sane on the whole, find out what they've got that you haven't, and do something about it. If you couldn't care less, you are mentally immature. You must decide for yourself by weighing facts, reading sincerely and seriously, by listening carefully and questioning carefully whether this man Jesus, is worth your attention, your faith. You'll be surprised how little you really know about Him. Find out about Him, who Ho teas or is, What He said or did. David Stewart will be prepared to meet yiu on any ground you may care to choose; only think clearly and' give yourself time to work things out.

This is serious business and not fun, but it's going to be worth while.

One last word. It's easy to be brave in a gang. It's easy to laugh things off with another person or two. But your six feet of earth is all you own in the long run, and then . . . what?

Evang Union.

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