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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 15, No. 3. March 20, 1952

Across the Desk . .

page 2

Across the Desk . . .

Sheathed Bludgeon

Dizzy from: one professorial public mention, two senior lecturial public mentions, one contribution from a staff member and promise of another, and two personal conversations with staff members concerning Salient's last issue for 1951 we hereby sheath the boomeranging bludgeon.

Our rapier however, is to remain sharp. A staff-student debate is forecast—this time a serious one—we hope.

* * *

Intellectual Thrombosis at Curious Cove

With naive simplicity some students at Curious Cove adopted, a Peace Statement. It contains nothing UN and others are not aware of, or have not been working at, or could not do next week if the parties were willing.

This superficial approach to peace, so superficial indeed as to include India and omit Pakistan, would disgrace our College name if put before those, for whom it is intended Salient urges students to have nothing at all to do with the Statement or any committee set up for its promulgation. We can do more in the cause of peace by being mature and responsible students.

* * *

Exam Fees—the Senate

Salient objects to the increase in exam fees because they are high already and this is the third increase in three years. In view of this increase and the new marks system we are confirmed in our view that student representation on the Senate is essential.

Students cannot take a reasonable view of decisions prima facie not reasonable unless reasons are advanced.