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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 15, No. 2. March 13, 1952

Letters to the Editor — News For Chinese Students

Letters to the Editor

News For Chinese Students

Sir,—The V.U.C. Catholic Students' Guild has received the following information from the representative of the Catholic Students of Hong Kong. We would be grateful if you would, pass it on to the students of your college by way of your paper.

"There is a point which I would like to suggest to you as a means of co-operation and help for Chinese students, Catholic and non-Catholic alike, who may be studying in your country. For many months we have been thinking of the needs of Chinese students overseas, and of their great feeling of isolation in these times of great trouble for their country. The news they receive from China is often of the scantiest—the daily newspapers of the various countries carry practically none—and certainly no word of hope for the future. We have begun the sending out of a monthly newspetter in Chinese on an air-mail form to Chinese students all over the world. The letter gives a summary of the most important news of the month from China, word of the stand that the Church is making—practical advice about letters home, etc., and most important, the word of hope an encouragement for the future. It is meant to be a link for the students with a "safe" place in China—here in Honk Kong we are in the privileged position of being in very close contact with the life behind the "bamboo curtain" a few miles away, and at the same time at complete liberty to communicate with the rest of the free world.

"Needless to say, the letter has no political bias whatsoever; it is simply an official work of the Church here, for the students. It is sponsored by Pax Romana headquarters, and has the approval and blessing of the Apostolic Nuncio to China. It is produced by the China Missionary Bulletin and is written by a priest. Any addresses of students that we receive are regarded as completely private, for use only in our newsletter file, and special care is taken to see that they are safeguarded. The letter entails no obligation, financial or otherwise, for the student. They may write us if they desire, but it is simply a service and a help for themselves.

"We have no addresses to date in New Zealand, and we would be most grateful if you could assist us to contact any students, Catholic or non-Catholic, who may be known to your Society, China is undergoing so great suffering, but when the time of trial is past, she will have such great need of her students from overseas to return to re-build the country—we pray, for God—and anything we can do for them now will be later bearing fruit a hundred-fold."

The Guild suggests that any Chinese students interested should forward their names to Miss Nan Johns, Catholic Centre, King's Building, Hong Kong. (Pax Romana is the international Catholic Student Organisation, and any work which it sponsors can be vouched for as being of good intent.)

Your sincerely,

D. E. Hurley.