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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 15, No. 2. March 13, 1952


Photograph of students at the summer conference of the S.C.M.

Students, 150 of them, members of the S.C.M. met at Scots College for a week during January.

The Summer Conference of the S.C.M. took as its theme "Worship and Life" and Salient here publishes a report, a personal report from one of the students who attended and found the Conference informative, interesting as well as an excellent holiday.

The theme of the Conference was "Worship and Life." Perhaps already you will exclaim "How dillettante! Have you nothing, then, to offer us? The Conference, however, found the theme relevant enough. Do you think that the prevailing idea of the Conference was one of pepped-up humanism; some people, on seeing the title of the theme, will doubtless have a vision, in pseudo-psychological jargon, of something to do with the myth of the balanced life, of the necessity for Man to pay his respects to his Maker if he is to preserve that fully-rounded psychological wholeness which is considered the prerequisite of the good life. Such an idea was not current at Conference.

There may have been whispers of it when speakers referred vaguely to the apparently evolution, any progress in man's response to his environment, and the necessity of workshop which it involved, but the idea was never explicitly affirmed. Any worshipping Christian community will bear witness to the inadequacy of that conception and the Summer Conference of the S.C.M. is no exception.