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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 14, No. 13. October 4, 1951

The Longer View

The Longer View

But of course this will never be a real theatre. It can't compare even with the Shelley Theatre at Canterbury; or with the Melbourne University Theatre, which has recently advertised for a professional producer. The very building which houses it is described as "temporary"—though it is likely to last as long as the Old Gymnasium, at the least.

What of the future?

If the long-delayed Student Union building (which now has priority number two after the Chemistry Block) ever rises on the rocky bank prepared for it, it may include something rather more impressive. But there is a real danger here too—the danger of falling between several stools. Victoria needs so many things. It needs a college hall, for formal and informal occasions. Students know only too well what it needs in the way of social rooms for recreation. It needs—if drama, music and the seroius study of the film are ever to flourish within the college itself—a small, properly designed, properly equipped theatre that can also be concert-hall and cinema.

The point is that no single auditorium will serve all these needs; and the temptation may be very great to revive the old New Zealand compromise, and try to combine them in one. I hope that temptation will be firmly resisted; and that our true College Theatre, when it comes, will be a theatre and not an auxiliary refectory or cabaret—though I do not see why it should not be chapel, cinema and concert-hall as well.

Meantime, the Little Theatre remains, with its very real opportunities. And what we can do with that, in the next few yearn, will be the best practical demonstration of what we might do with something better.

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