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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 14, No. 12. September 20, 1951

NZUSA Meets in Solemn Debate — With What Results?

NZUSA Meets in Solemn Debate

With What Results?

The August Council meeting of NZUSA was held in Dunedin from August 25 to 27 inclusive and during a strenuous series of meetings covered a wide variety of topics of interest to students.

Winter Tournament: The Council was agreed that such an institution as Winter Tournament was most worth while and beneficial, but that, as at present constituted, it was in need of a complete overhaul, and the result is that a sub-committee will take a stocktaking of the position at the Easter AGM next year. The difficulties of administration, in particular with regard to billeting and finance, have greatly increased with the increase of the numbers of competitors, and there are persistent demands from other clubs for inclusion in Winter Tournament. Unfortunately, there must be a limit placed somewhere, and it may even be necessary, although possibly undesirable, for some of the larger, more self-supporting sports to secede from Tournament and to conduct their own separate inter-College competitions.

Winter sports clubs are asked to give this matter their serious considerations and to co-operate in the drawing up of a college report in an endeavour to solve these problems.

An Otago remit endeavouring to have golf included in Winter Tournament met with little support, since few of the colleges had an established golf club as a basis for competitions.

Examination Marks and Grading: This most controversial topic provoked considerable discussion amongst delegates, the preponderance of opinion being that the advantages of such a grading system as envisaged by the University Senate were not sufficient to warrant displacing the marks system which is probably no more artificial and misleading than any grading system.

Although no formal opinion was expressed on the question, and the Council contented itself with asserting the right of individual candidates to ascertain their marks privately if they so desired, it may be that the question is not yet closed.

Boxing: Boxers will no doubt be interested to hear that in future stricter compliance will be insisted upon with the conditions as to the medical examination, fitness, and case history of participants, in order to minimise the likelihood of serious injury or concussion.

Cheaper Books? Another point of general interest is that the Resident Executive of NZUSA is to undertake negotiations to obtain discount when ordering or indenting textbooks. Canterbury have already instituted a scheme, and a similar arrangement at Victoria would be welcome.

Military Training: NZUSA is to take active steps in negotiations designed to protect the interests of students affected by the compulsory military training scheme, in order that their studies may be affected as little as possible particularly in regard to financing the year's work by seasonal employment during the long vacation.

Debating: Of interest to debaters is the "talk" of a prospective—but still highly tentative—tour of N.Z. by a team of American debaters in 1952, and possibly a reciprocal tour of America by a N.Z. team. However, It appears very much "in the air" at the moment, and we can but await the outcome of negotiations.

NZU Blues: A matter of considerable interest to sporting enthusiasts is the outcome of a diversified and intense discussion that took place on the question of NZU Blues and the Blues Panel. The present system was attacked by Canterbury in an uncertain manner, but after the issues had been made clear and discussed the Council affirmed its support in the view that a Blue should be an award for a meritorious performance in University sport, and that it would lose its significance if awarded without maintaining a high standard; confirmation was also given to the system of awarding the Blues through the medium of competent selection committees for each sport working in conjunction with an independent Blues Panel. This is to apply uniformly to all sports.

There was some doubt as to whether the standard being required was too high, but it was pointed out that the system has been in operation only two years, and that it is a little early at this stage to weigh up accurately the results of the change.

A Final Word: It appears that the rising cost of living has caught up with NZUSA too: College levies have now been increased from £2 to £3 per fifty (50) students.