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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 14, No. 12. September 20, 1951

The Exec. Sleeps.. — Salient Never.

page 5

The Exec. Sleeps..

Salient Never..

Readers will recall that at the beginning of the year we made some suggestions to the Executive and will probably remember that we drag them out for a fresh airing every now and then. We would not need to do this but for the fact that the Executive are used to very slow action.

Take that matter of wet and dirty towels. Charta started it at the beginning of 1950 and here nearly at the end of 1951 15 months later—nothing has happened. Letters have been written but what good are letters?

And again, the Common Common Room—look at itbare, dusty, badly lighted, unused. The line of broken furniture continues to grow. That's our money in there and our relations with the College Council both wasting away. Do something! Shut it up! Turn it back into the lower gym or finish the job. Don't just sit.

Something did happen down in the Siberian Railway carriage which now looks like a well lighted Siberian railway carriage but. . . .

But the noticeboard.

Now there they go again. We suggested a method: Wooden divisions, painted wooden labels and strict rules as to use. So much hard work went into dividing it with black tape—a great improvement, and pinning up labels on pieces of paper. It simply will not last. Drawing pins and pieces of paper never do. Why waste the time and the pins? And, while Bryan Green was coming three notices appeared on the noticeboard—one much outsize.

Rubbish boxes? Well, a letter was written and something is to be done. When, no one knows, but in the meantime summer approaches and after the horse has bolted the door can easily be shut.

Perhaps the Publicity Officer, Mr. J. D. Dalgety—one letter so far—would care to tell us all—when are these things going to be done? Salient has more important matter for the Executive to get to work on See the editorial.

It is hard to believe that the Executive do work hard and in spite of it all they do. Probably they need a couple more members.