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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 14, No. 12. September 20, 1951



But Frank Buchman is above being merely Christian. He is a genius who knows that he will never sell his goods in this way. And just as he has surpassed Caesar in his achievements, so he has surpassed that other man of 2000 years ago who could offer no better solution for the problem than that Ye Love Your Enemies.

It is because Frank Buchman is great that he knows that this needs to be brought up to date. Dr Frank Buchman knows that the answer must be "That Ye shall love your Enemies—so long as they are not Communists."

This is the true greatness of Frank Buchman, and we must render unto Buchman the greatness that was Caesar s. Dr Frank Buchman is a man who has never married—but he knows that sex is utterly sinful. Frank Buchman has never known want, or hunger—but he knows that strikes are always utterly evil. Frank Buchman preaches co-operation—yet he knew that he must give performances of his plays in South Africa to segregated audiences. Frank Buchman has seen the poverty of the East—yet he knows that Asia needs spiritual comfort, not social change.

Frank Buchman preaches the abandonment of false pride—yet his Movement is called a new Ideology for the West. And Frank Buchman, the Christian, has improved on the teachings of Christ.

Ladies and gentlemen, these may seem to you inconsistent. Bat is a man who is guided by a force greater than reason, to be stopped by merely logical considerations? Is Dr. Frank Buchman to be defeated by a syllogism?

If these are inconsistencies, then so much the worse for logic. For has not Dr. Frank Bachman told us that he Knows because he is divinely guided? And we cannot doubt that this is so, for Bachman is an honourable man.