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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 14, No. 12. September 20, 1951

Model T Religion

Model T Religion

Future generations will link with Ford the name of Frank Buchman. Because what Ford did for the motorcar, Buchman has done for religion. When Ford went into the car business, making cans was a luxury matter. The cost of satisfying the mass demand was too great. But Henry Ford saw that it could be done. He had only to eliminate some inessentials, make the car cheaper, turn out a standardised model.

But this is just what Buchman has done in his own field. He is great, because he has arrived at a standard model for spiritual uplift.

At last the mass demand can be met, because at last spiritual consolation is there for all tastes. Moral Rearmament will appeal to every man in the world. Of course, what appeals to all must offend no-one. And to appeal to everyone, Frank Buchman has had to eliminate all the inessentials. He has had to find a common denominator. It does not detract from his achievement one jot if this common denominator is also the lowest—common—denominator in spiritual thought.

Dr Frank Buchman has often been misunderstood. Lesser men have criticised him because, they say, Moral Rearmament means nothing. This is true! But what these lesser men do not realise is that this is just its greatest strength! By meaning nothing, it offends no-one! By offending no-one, it appeals to everyone! This is the true mark of the achievement of Dr Frank Buchman.