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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 14, No. 12. September 20, 1951

Music Hath no Charms

Music Hath no Charms

Visits to concerts convince the observer that the same old University crowd go to them every time. At poetry readings (see next issue) it is the same. Of 2000 students few appear to take any interest in the arts.

One evening in the Opera House "gods" for "Twelfth Night" about fifty of the usual people turned out. With a huge English class (Stage I) and the claims of our educators one would expect students to flock to the live arts rather than the films.

Blame has been placed on the University itself which, as an organisation or community, gives little lead to its students.

Even the staff are not always notable for their presence. Biggest accusations are made against first and second year science students, the commerce faculty and the medical students. The degree comes first and whether or not intellectual activity is worth it when it shows no monetary return they have doubts.

At the College debating attendances are low, poetry readings call out no more than a hundred. Now that frantic and often juvenile political activity has died out can it be that intellectually our apathy is deeper than ever? If this accusation is true it is a harsh criticism of students and of the education system. Platitudes anti well meaning lectures will not help but the question is—who is to provide the remedy and what is it?