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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 14, No. 7. June 25, 1951

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More Letters

Sir,—May we ask what purpose Salient is intended to serve? Is it a world events newsletter, or a paper concerned primarily with Victoria University College. In the edition of May 24th there is a large percentage of overseas politics; do not think for one minute that we regard world -events and VUC as beingr inseparable, but are of the opinion 'that fiaoh: articles as Mr. D. J. Morison-Wilpred on Korea was Somewhat out of place. This, we regards as more a, subject, for debating than 'for writing in Salient; and certainly it should not be on the front page. That was not all; the Colombo Plan, Human Rights in America, the section on disappointed Communists—there is too much! We suggest that one page be set aside in each issue for overseas political/social news that does affect students. There were 3 in this issue. We were reading the issue of May 28, 1948, and found it very much more interesting—because of its local character—than this year's publication. We are sure that sales would rise if Salient was not trying to be the sounding board for local politicians. There is plenty around VUC that could be written about—It would be more interesting—it has been done before—why not?

M. L. McLeod,

B. E. Hatton,

T. H. Hill.

(Oh the fetters of tradition! Let Salient correspondents McLeod, Hatton and H1U contribute In the desired form. The Editor has nothing to lose but his traditional chains.—Ed.)