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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 14, No. 5. May 24, 1951


No doubt the students of this college know that the Student's Association has an Executive. Hardly a day passes without Exec, being mentioned by at least a quarter of the students; but how many know that as members of the Association they are entitled to be present at Exec. meetings? There seems to be a general apathy towards Exec. doings except when they radically affect each individual student. I do not suggest that each student should attempt to take a personal interest in each item on the Exec. agenda, but I do think that as the agenda for each forthcoming, meeting may be seen on request at the Office it is not too much to expect some people to take an interest in such items as do affect them most.

An Exec. meeting was held on Anzac Day night Quite a significant meeting too, for our Editor was authorised to sign Salient cheques. It was remarkable in another way, in that the meeting started at 7 p.m. and ended at 12.45 a.m.—no wonder they call Wellington "Windy City." The audience comprised of two Junior members of Salient, the freshness of youth not yet changed to blase fatalism by the intrigues of varsity life.

During the discussion of the Physical Officer's report, it was suggested that the tennis courts should be converted into basketball courts for winter use. There does not seem to be any reason why this should not be done, and as was pointed out, this is already common practice with school clubs and with large ctiy clubs. Perhaps one tennis court will be left for those people who play tennis in the winter. A motion was passed agreeing with the principle of conversion.

Another question which arose out of the discussion was that of restricted use of the Gym. A motion was passed instructing all clubs that meetings must not be held in the Gym. except in special circumstances. One Exec. member suggested that smoking be prohibited in the Gym. because of the resulting mess on the floor after any large gathering. Mr O'Brien pointed out that the previous Principal (Sir Thomas Hunter) had thought that it could not be done, that the people would not stop smoking despite any number of rules. The use of tennis shoes in the Gym was mentioned but the question was postponed until the Gym. is being used by the Physical Welfare Officer. The times during which the Gym. can be used for table tennis will be very limited in the future. No more ping-pong in the morning!

The finance committee's report included many items of interest. £400 has been allowed for the next 'home' tournament which will be next year. £100 for each 'away' tournament has been allowed. The question arose as to whether or not a subsidy on travelling expenses will be re-introduced; although this was favourably discussed no decision was reached.