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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 14, No. 5. May 24, 1951

No Yoffing—all Scoffing

No Yoffing—all Scoffing

The Common Common Room, we are told, is a place where we can all get together and talk, as distinct from the cafeteria, where we all get together and yoffle. No longer, say its exponents, do we need to stand in a corridor and natter. True. But many people before us have stood and nattered in a corridor. There is an honourable precedent for it. But there is no precedent for a common room. Ours stands up on the hill in isolated, if gouty, splendour. We talk to our friends, male and female, in the corridors. One feels that a nice girl would never say to a boy, "Come up to the common common room and talk for a while." And surely, such a proposition on the male side ought to be accompanied by a faint leer, and a remark about etchings. Perhaps a few etchings would improve the place, anyway.

The whole trouble, of course, is that the gym is not the place for the C.C.R. No one denies that the C.C.R. Committee has done its best to give us some sort of common meeting place as quickly as possible. The gym, not being required for academical accommodation, so to speak, was the inevitable choice. But it seems a pity that so much good furniture should be dissipated. What is more, the idea of spending anything like £50 on floor coverings for the lower gym seems a little short-sighted. We hear of some dozen regular commoners. Whatever may be our dark and private speculations on the state of their morals, it's a safe assumption that they must be pretty cold at this time of the year.

Meanwhile, down in the building proper, the female of the species sits in haughty isolation and reasonable comfort, while the male cowers in his subterranean oubliette, contract-asthma from the damp, rheumatism from the concrete floor, and goodness knows what obscure disorders from seating accommodation reminiscent of a third-class Russian railway-carriage. We all know that a common common room is needed—of course it is. You can't talk peace fully in an "all cups outside" cafeteria atmosphere.