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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 13, No. 18. August 10, 1950

Winter Tournament

Winter Tournament

From the minutes of the last Exec, meeting:—"Remits: Moved K. O'Brien, seconded Pearce: That VUC ask that a special investigation be held into the wisdom of holding Winter Tournaments on the grounds that, (a) they are cumbersome; (b) they are failing to provide the social functions for which they were originally intended.


The discussion in support of this fantastic remit appeared to centre around the facts that Winter Tournaments are: (1) Too strenuous; by this is meant that few of the sports have knock-out tournaments and consequently participants see very few other events apart from their own. (2) Very expensive. (3) One tournament a year is enough, (4) The clubs most actively interested in Winter Tournament could probably arrange their own inter-college matches.

The remit first: (a) Winter Tournaments are cumbersome: so is the enrolment. Let's get rid of it too. But what's the cause? The only legitimate major cause is ineffective management with a good committee to run things there should not be much trouble, (b) What are these social functions that are referred to? We always thought that tournaments were largely sporting events with social activities when the sporting side is over and if these social functions are, not being provided that again is the management committee's fault.

The discussion needs no comment apart from that bit about expenditure. Exec. no longer subsidises Tournament expenses so the individual has to stand the cost, which is not always possible. The best and the most efficient remedy would be to raise the Stud. Asa. fee. However, Mr. K. OB. and company do not seem to like this alternative.

One minor point: what sports clubs were represented at this meeting and were they winter or summer sports?