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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 13, No. 13. June 29, 1950

Proneness to Error

Proneness to Error


I have just received a copy of your issue of March 16, containing the review of Arachne 1.

I would like to thank the reviewer for his kind words about my poem, and commend his perspicacity as the poem contained two misprints which greatly altered the sense.

But when he quibbles about the uneven-ness and the errors, mainly editorial (and with his points I agree) he is inclined to overlook the human proneness to error. For instance he too, makes slips, and misnames my poem.

He makes no point at all when he attacks intellecuallty per se.

A university college should not only have Cappicades to its credit and the warning that the publication is sponsored by a literary society should not entitle the reader to expect comic strips.

Comparison with the literary publications of colleges both in England and America should convince him that Arachne is yet an intellectual lightweight

Present trends abroad indicate that literary life will centre more around the seats of higher learning. Preparations for this should be made, and a certain liberty assured cultural activities. The demand for making the level more accesible and less personal should be re-considered.

The artist, the thinker, is above all else, a person

—Louis Johnson.