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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 13, No. 12. June 15, 1950




Since I first came to this place,

I have been amazed at the indecent anonymity of the "culture" clubs around here. I am given to understand that there exists a club for the discussion of historical subjects, another for the discussion of philosophical subjects, a club for the specific purpose of studying socialism, one for the specific purpose of studying the club which studies socialism—and there may be more, for all I know.

There are other clubs, like the Glee Club for instance.

But what in the world is going on, to quote this year's variety show at the Opera Hous? Where are these clubs? Do they advertise their meetings? Do they ever publish reports of their findings? I seem to remember one report for the Socialist Club and a couple for the Debating Society. Otherwise one would gather that the only reason people come up here at all was to play games.

Can we have some low down on the highbrows?

Ripening Fresher.

(Our staff is busy, we must regret, and it is seldom possible to get reporters to these meetings unless one of the staff happens to be interested in the particular club. It may be that those dubs have such pleasant little social gatherings that they keep quiet to avoid any strangers butting in on their cosy agreement. We couldn't sey. But [unclear: he] would certainly welcome, some signs of life therefrom.—Ed.)