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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 13, No. 12. June 15, 1950

Lost Causes

page 2

Lost Causes

Maybe Universities are the last and final refuge of lost causes, from classical education to the Shakespeare-Bacon row. And maybe we, being but a college paper, are little better than the rest.

But as this is the silly season when every one is working too hard to think out any new ideas, and when the stir of the election on the horizon causes some students to take their own welfare seriously, maybe we are justified in raking over our own pet lost cause—the medical scheme.

The article we print in this issue will not be new to some of you. Those with memories stretching back as far as 1948 will recall that in our anniversary issue of that year we printed an article on the medical scheme at VUC, its history and prospects. You may find something familiar about this article—because it's the same one.

In no way better than this could we show just what has happened of note since 1948. There may have been rumblings within the Exec, but not even a tiny mouse has emerged from the labour—if there was any. The situation stands as it did then. The need is as bad; the arguments as cogent now as then; the possibility that a Student Union Building may at last be built, an additional reason for straightening our ideas about this quite vital scheme.

One of the first priorities for the new Exec, must be the medical scheme. Students who opposed compulsion for the sake of war will have no argument with compulsion for the sake of health.

If nothing happens, then perhaps the editor in 1952 will be able to reprint this again.