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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 13, No. 11. June 8th, 1950

Athletic Club and "Runner Mortis"

Athletic Club and "Runner Mortis"


As a club member I support the committee in their attitude to the deprecatory article in question. We are assured by the Editor that the person who wrote the article was more than competent to pass the comments he did; perhaps the anonymous gentlemen will have the courtesy to make himself known.

The slogan the writer finishes his article with, viz. "We should all get fit to train, not train to get fit." is, to use the Editor's words, "Sheerest nonsense." How can anyone get fit without training? It seems to me that this "more than competent" expert does not understand that fitness is the result of training whereas training is the process of getting fit.

The Editor when commenting on the article says, "this . . . (the article) is of considerable value as a guide to understanding Tournament results." Fox points out, and the Editor agrees, that the Athletic Club gained more points at Tournament than any other VUC club. Perhaps the Editor can reconcile this slight disharmony of thought by the exercise of his obviously brilliant intellect.

R. E. Blazey.

The fact that the Athletic Club got more points than any other club doesn't mean that runners were at the peak, of their form. Considering that VUC was well and truly bottom, it wouldn't have taken a great number of points for the club to get more than all the rest put together. If the club didn't do absolutely as well as it possibly could have, then the writer's original contention stands. O.B. E. (Obviously brilliant Editor).)

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