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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 13, No. 11. June 8th, 1950


One night last week, the Exec, and friends met in a pleasant little social gathering. It was somewhat exclusive; plans had been made to receive at least 50, but there was some trouble in keeping the number to that figure.

As a result of this (called a Special General Meeting) many people went home rather fed up at the apathy which characterised the whole thing, and the new Exec, office of Treasurer was created.

At the opening time, the quorum, of 50 was nowhere in sight; it was only by energetic efforts on the part of odd individuals that the number went up at all. And from then on, it was a constant fight to keep it at that level Several times the plaintive cry for a count went up; several times there was a frantic scurry to get it up before the meeting had to close, and unwilling bodies were raked in for the job.

In this atmosphere, though, there was a fair amount of relevant comment on the Exec, proposals. Anyway, we guess that the meeting was representative of those who are genuinely interested in student affairs and on that basis had every right to come to a decision.

The Exec, itself (said Miss Pearce in her expanatory remarks) had decided to call a Special Meeting to have this question considered in time for the election this year. It had become increasingly obvious that the financial affairs of the Association were too complex to be handled almost in passing by an extremely busy secretary. More than that, while we had an accountant who was extremely able, there was need for an exec, member who could expound accounting matters, to act as a liason between the Exec-and its accountant. And when AGM's came around, the Exec, could do with a capable accountant who was well versed in the figures to explain and defend (if necessary) the financial statement which was presented.

The motions which were to be moved were a policy motion approving of the idea, and a long machinery motion putting this into effect as constitutional amendments.