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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 13, No. 9. May 9th, 1950

Unruly ballet

Unruly ballet

The male ballet was well up to its usual standard: but it was a shame that they were allowed to clown about in such an apparently impromptu manner during the school scene. They may have been highly organised in their downing, the whole thing may have been carefully planned out, but it didn't look like it. It looked far more as if someone had at the last moment told them to go on and try and make fools of themselves. Though this was bad enough, it was worse that they should have been so idle and disorderly while Jeff was singing one of his best songs, the "Headmistress's Song." It would have been easier for the audience to have appreciated this song if their attention had not been diverted by the pleasant antics of the little folk at the back of the stage. The usual smooth performance of the Bop Ballet was somewhat impared on the last night. What Mr. Prater intruded may well have been a source of amusement to his intimates, but not to an Extrav. audience.

Win Stevens appeared in the male ballet as a solist. One of the high spots of the show. Very good. Pity you missed it, Aunt Ermintrude.

The girls' ballet was good. Possibly a few more year's experience will teach them to keep smiling through. Their singing was much better than usual. They looked alright too.

It was a shame to confine the Incredible Melford to such a small part as Alladin. It would have been better to have given him much more to act, and a little less to sing.