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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 13, No. 7. April 20th, 1950

Running Around in Circles

Running Around in Circles

Once more into the Breach, Dear Friends, or Close the Wall up with our Wooden Spoon

We have shown again the creme de la creme of Victoria's athletic strength is really only whey in the Tournament jug. We were certain that we would not win the wooden spoon this year, some of use went so far as to believe that Victoria would emerge triumphant. But we brought the Wooden Spoon back.

Had our winners been better supported by the second strings in our team, we would have had a chance of winning the Athletic Shield. Victoria won six men's titles with only Otago doing as well. But we lacked those vital second placings that the other colleges had; the second placings that enabled Canterbury to tie with OU for the Shield.

Our six titles were won by three men—Batten (100, 220, 440yds.), Turnbull (one and three miles), and Lissienko (discus). This only follows precedence established in the days of the early "Victorian Wooden Spoon period"—we always manage to produce a few "stars" but our overall strength (?) is our weakness.

Dave Batten performed very well although his times were not the best he has done; this was due perhaps to windy conditions, a rather dead track and a very strenuous season which has left him a little stale. Dave has been a very good club member and it is unfortunate that he will not be eligible for Tournament next year. His running is very attractive to watch—he has the knack of appearing to move effortlessly even when he is flat out.

P. Turnbull, who has completed his course at Massey, will also not be running for us at Tournament next year. He ran well to win the mile and three mile events. More will be heard of him in athletics in future. He is the best distance runner we have had since Clem Hawke—he broke Hawke's record at the interfaculty sports. His times at Tournament were 4mins. 28.8secs. for the mile, and for the three miles.

Ikar Lisslenko was severely handicapped by having the flu and surprised himself by winning the discus throw with 125ft. 9 5-8in. Owing to an operation in October he could not attain good form this season, but he should do well next year. He was unfortunate in not getting a blue, as his performance merited one.

In the women's events, we had Helen Burr winning the high jump with 4ft 10in.—1/34in. short of her NZU record. Helen was unlucky not to have been included in the Empire Games team, as her jumping has been consistently good throughout the early part of the season. It appears that the Games selectors made a slip somewhere. Right now, she's had enough of athletics for one year.

Barbara Hill came second in the 75 yards' sprint to N. Gourley, of Otago. Barbara is not running as well as last year; it seems that this is one of those off-form seasons for her.

Iuen Hyslop did not perform as well as he usually does. He will do better next year, as this is his first year as a senior.

John McLevie will improve. He has only started seriously at the 440 yards hurdles this year.

Gerry Barnard and Fred Marshall could not go to Christchurch. They probably would have addeel to our meagre total of points had they been able to go.

In all fairness to the club, it must be said that the officials and active members have, as usual, been doing a lot of hard work to whip up enthusiasm. Gerry Fox, Dave Tossman, Stan Eade, and Trevor Levy have been towers of strength in this respect for many years.

If all the athletes who attend VUC would run for us instead of outside clubs, as quite a number do, we would have a side capable of winning the athletic shield.

Athletics is a serious sport. It requires more training and time than just mere "recreation." But it offers more in exchange—fitness, self-discipline, travelling, and a good social side. Let's gird for the battle. And remember the motto—Nihil Bastardio Carborundum. Don't let them do it to you.

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

In rowing we have one of the few occasions when Victoria did not suceeed in carrying off undisputed the usual useful kitchen implement. The Rowing Club can be congratulated on an excellent effort.

The closest race of the morning was the Eights, Auckland putting on a fine though unsuccessful spurt just before the winning-post. In the Fours the placings were more obvious from the start, the two Canterbury teams being well in the lead from the momenta the boats came into sight. Victoria's second place—one of the two Canta teams not being eligible for points—was not closely disputed either, but AUC and OU had a close fight for third. The Double Sculls was a relatively easy victory for VUC.

Our Double Sculls team consisted of Wilf Taylor and Wyndham Heald. Dave Horsley (Eights) and Wilf Taylor (Eights and Double Sculls) succeded in gaining blues. Our reporter understands that one member of the team is in the running for a swimming blue on the basis of a splendid exhibition of swimming under extremely unfavourable conditions.

The Rowing Club is especially deserving of our congratulations since its total membership is 17—a number reflecting little credit on the other members of our student body.

"Tennis Balls, My Liege!"

The only title gained by Victoria was the ladies' singles won by Ann Walker. Ann breezed through the first two rounds, but met stiff opposition from Jennifer Dudding early in the final. Down 1-3 in the first set, Ann set to work to win 10 games in succession, but seemed to relax before she clinched the match at 6-3. With perfect driving on both wings and forceful serves, Ann completely outplayed her hardhitting opponent; the only blemish in Ann's game was her frequent lapses at the net where she missed a few "sitters," but from the baseline her game was flawless.

After an easy win in the first round singles, Bill Pritchard rem into trouble against Eric White of CUC. who snatched the first set to the tune of 60. Bill tightened up his game in the next set and, with careful placements, won a closely contested set 6-4. In the third set the going was even in the early stages but White was too severe and ran out out the winner 6-3. Bill's was a great effort, and he was roundly applauded for his gameness.

Next day, in the final, White was soundly thrashed by the maestro, Robson, 6-3, 6-1. Johnny Hutton (Massey) put up a game struggle against Robson in the other semifinal, but had to bow to the might and craft of the ex-N.Z. champion, 2-6, 4-6.

In the combined doubles, Bill Pritchard and Ann Walker beat the CUC second pair 7-5, 7-5, but eliminated the Otago pair Otway and Cecily Neave 6-3, 6-0. Bill and Ann played extremely well in this game, but failed to reproduce this form against White and Nola Vile who won 6-2, 7-5. Too many mistakes and failure to be decisive at the net probably cost our pair the title.

The men's doubles was won by Robson and Otway (OU) who beat Edey and Hutton (Massey) in the semi-final 6-4, 6-3. Hutton played a splendid game handling Robson's kick serve well. He was ably supported by Edey, but Robson was just too good for them. The second VUC pair, Reddy and Murray, went down to Adam and Armstrong (CUC) 3-6, 1-6. Bice and Janet Young appeared to be in fine form against Misses Bird and Sparrow (CUC) but lost the first set 4-6; the next 0-6, mainly through their reluctance to approach the net. Juliet Burrell and Nancy Hodder were beaten by L. Holland and N. Vile (CUC), who were Hogged in the semi-final by OU's Neave and Dudding (6-0, 6-1) who won the title for the loss of only four games.

Janet Young conceded a hardfought first set to Angela Wilson (AUC) 8-10 but lost the next 1-6. Janet's ground strokes are good but she will have to acquire some volleys and a smash to improve. White and Vile (CUC) proved too strong for Redely and B. Young who were continually scratching for points.